The Stickiest Situations

Three items in today’s blog:

1. Vacation. I’m going on a much needed vacation until July 5. No Internet, no voice mail, no email. Just time to relax and recharge. Part one of today’s blog is a reminder to any of you who are stressed out and feeling unbalanced to do something to recharge. Vacation? New hobby? Long walks? Serious exercise? Meditation? Whatever works for you. It pays off ten fold.

2. Reading material. If you want some good reading material during the week, there are plenty of free, no-registration articles about marketing IT services that you can access at

The five most popular include:

3. When I get back, I’d sure be grateful if this post were loaded with comments from you about the following:

What has been (or is) your toughest business development situation? Maybe it was difficulty closing a client, or reaching prospects, or keeping a client, or asking for referrals.

Whatever it was/is, post it. You have nothing to lose and we will all learn something from your experience.

The week of July 5, the blog will focus on how to handle those sticky situations.

Best case study posted gets a free (normally $195) manual, so don’t hold back.

Have a great week!


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