The way to approach publications with article ideas

A reader emailed me recently, wondering why editors of various publications wouldn’t print an article he had written.

The article was fine, and would be good for his target market.

Here’s the problem: His approach was wrong.

The way to get articles published is by sending first an inquiry letter to an editor. The letter should state that you have a few article ideas of interest to readers. List each idea, starting with a catchy title and 4-5 sentences about each article. Explain why you are the most qualified person in the world to write these articles.

Then follow up politely.

This approach does two things:

First, it saves you the trouble of writing an article no one wants.

Second, it lets you open a dialogue with the publication about what kinds of articles they want. If they like your bio, they will work with you to develop an idea of interest to their readers.


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