The Web Designer's Sketch Pad

I’ve got a nasty habit of buying a new sketch pad and another click pencil every time I wander into the newsagent. As I’m always leaving them somewhere other than where I need them, the only way to guarantee there’s always one on hand is to have massive redundancy in my system.

So, looking at Webjillion’s Mockup Maker, I’m guessing I’ll need to order around 15 to 20 to get me started. Ouch.

The Web Designer's Sketch Pad

The Mockup Maker is a hefty, 75 page, spiralbound sketchpad — unremarkable other than for the fact the each (one-sided) page has a diagram of 800×600, 1024×768 and 1280×1024 screen sizes with 5 pixel markers up the left side and across the top.

The Web Designer's Sketch Pad

On of the problems I’ve found with presenting ‘onscreen mockups’, is clients believe they are finished art. Even if you tell them a dozen times ‘this is an early phase mockup’, they often still can’t seem to think beyond what’s onscreen.

The Mockup Maker looks like it could be good for presenting consistent, neat and (hopefully) impressive mockups that clients understand aren’t finalized.

I like it when someone follows through with a simple idea.


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