To Adjust Brightness-Contrast in Plane with Gimp/ImageMagick/-?

Situation: to have a plane of contrast-brightness adjustments
Motivation: need to adjust continuously contrast-brightness such that Gimp's default tools are not enough fast and not sure if Imagemagick's browser can be extended with it
Proposal: have a plane where you can adjust brightness and contrast in a plane by using some Gimp macros, since I think you cannot extend ImageMagick for it
Nicknames: a nonlinear plane of regression, a nonlinear plane of contrast and brigthness, ...
Characteristics: mouse/keyboard control in the plane

  • x-axis: x_left for brightness min, x_right for brightness max
  • y-axis: y-bottom for contrast min, y_top for contrast max

ImageMagick's browser and Gimp

You browse image and its parts by the script about How Open Specific Part of .png Figure in Ubuntu's Terminal? by keys (\up,\down,\left,\right) or use your mouse to choose the appropriate location. Start the image in the script by reviewImage 960 raw.png or manually adjust those settings in Gimp, respectively

To Adjust Brightness-Contrast in Plane with Gimp/ImageMagick/-?
To Adjust Brightness-Contrast in Plane with Gimp/ImageMagick/-?

System: Linux Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit
ImageMagick: Date: 2009/01/10 01:00:00
Gimp: 2.8.16


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