TOC with monospaced oldstyle numbers

I'm using oldstyle numbers in my thesis and noticed that the pagenumbers in the table of contents are not providing a straight left line. The following image shows this behaviour for the numbers from a section with 11 subsections.

TOC with monospaced oldstyle numbers

In the case of the KOMA-Script classes, the numbers of chapters (or sections in scrartcl) can be modified by adding the Numbers=Monospaced font feature to the sectionentrypagenumber. However, this is not supported (as far as I know) for the lower level sectioning.

How can I get monospaced oldstyle numbers in the TOC?

\documentclass[a5paper,DIV=9]{scrartcl}  \addtokomafont{disposition}{\rmfamily}  \usepackage{fontspec} \setmainfont{Latin Modern Roman}[Numbers=OldStyle]  \usepackage{lipsum} \begin{document}   \tableofcontents    \section{a}   \subsection{a}   \lipsum   \subsection{a}   \lipsum   \subsection{a}   \lipsum   \section{a}   \subsection{a}   \lipsum   \subsection{a}   \lipsum   \subsection{a}   \lipsum   \section{a}   \subsection{a}   \lipsum   \subsection{a}   \lipsum   \subsection{a}   \lipsum   \section{a}   \subsection{a}   \lipsum   \subsection{a}   \lipsum   \subsection{a}   \lipsum   \subsection{a}   \lipsum   \subsection{a}   \lipsum  \end{document} 


You can temporarily reset the main font for the table of contents:



\setmainfont{Latin Modern Roman}[Numbers=OldStyle]

% the following just for testing
\newfontfamily{\msf}{Latin Modern Roman}[Numbers={OldStyle,Monospaced}]


\setmainfont{Latin Modern Roman}[

Numbers should now be not monospaced:


{\msf 1234567890}



TOC with monospaced oldstyle numbers

You see from the test that the figures in the top line after the table of contents are not monospaced, while they are in the bottom line.

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