Tool to run a not-so-old PC game on Windows 10?

There is an old PC game called SubTerra( SubTerra game link ). It used to run perfectly on Windows XP but fails to do so in Windows 10. Compatibility troubleshooter also didn’t help. DOSbox cannot emulate this game.

Any suggestions for tools to run this game smoothly on Windows 10?


I would suggest trying running it on XP running in Virtual Box - you will need:

  • either a copy of an XP disk or an ISO image of XP - you used to be able to download the latter from the MS site but it is no longer available.
  • Virtual Box you could use VMWare but since that is charged for and Virtual Box is free...
  • A reasonable specification machine which can even be running Linux.

The steps are:

  1. Install Virtual Box
  2. Create a new VM
  3. Install XP onto the VM
  4. Install your game(s) onto the VM
  5. Take a "Snapshot" that you can revert to
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