• Easy Ajax with jQuery Article 2001-09-11

    Client-side Code (jQuery) Now, on to the jQuery front end. First, we need to declare the timestamp of the current message as 0, and call the function that loads the messages from the server: timestamp = 0; updateMsg(); Next, we'll write the code for

  • Usability and accessibility with Ajax 2005-03-10

    The Ajax express train rumbles on, threatening to crush anything in its path. Recent discussion has turned to those critical elements of good web development, usability and accessibility. Accessibility is a major issue with Ajax, mainly because anyth

  • DWR is AJAX for Java

    DWR is AJAX for Java 2005-05-03

    Java and JavaScript. Such similar names, but the technologies they refer to are worlds apart- or at least they were until now. The technique of remote scripting enables JavaScript code running in a Web browser to do things on the Web server and displ

  • Atlas: Microsoft's Ajax toolkit 2005-06-28

    Microsoft are putting together a toolkit for doing Ajax things, called Atlas. It looks like it'll be an ASP.NET 2.0 thing, according to Scott Guthrie from Microsoft. Reassuringly, he says "the Atlas Client Script Framework will work on all modern bro

  • Zimbra: Gmail and Exchange meet Open Source, Java and AJAX 2005-09-13

    Zimbra is either the coolest thing I've seen this month, or too good to be true. I haven't decided which yet. Previously known as Liquid Systems, Zimbra is the new name of the company, as well as its flagship product: an extensible open-source client

  • Zimbra AjaxTK: A toolkit for AJAX-powered GUIs 2005-09-13

    Though you may not be in the market for the complete email and collaboration server replacement that is Zimbra (see my previous post), there are always goodies tucked away inside large open source applications like this one. One such goodie is the Zi

  • Jetty 6.0 to provide new architecture for AJAX apps 2005-09-18

    AJAX applications, websites that communicate with the server in the background to update displayed pages on-the-fly, are increasingly presenting a new challenge to Web servers that were not designed with AJAX in mind. The lightweight Jetty Java Web s

  • Bookmarks and back button history for AJAX apps 2005-10-28

    Aside from the accessibility concerns, which are indeed serious, the biggest problem with single-page AJAX applications (Web apps that work largely or entirely within a single page, like GMail) is that the standard navigation tools provided by Web br

  • Two kinds of AJAX: HTML++ vs Client / SOA 2006-02-15

    Think this needs stating clearly, following the comment from Bill Edney on of technicalpursuit (Tibet), and because I think it reflects experiences people are having with AJAX. In short think there's going to be two kinds of AJAX application, one I'l

  • JavaScript Libraries and Patterns: Yahoo! Does AJAX

    JavaScript Libraries and Patterns: Yahoo! Does AJAX 2006-02-16

    This is republished from The SitePoint Tech Times #132 JavaScript is hard, but it could be a lot harder. These days, choosing your tools can actually be most of the work. Many, many years ago (okay, five), JavaScript code on a web site was a sign of

  • AJAX and Session "Race Conditions" 2006-02-27

    Via Keith – here's a problem I'm kicking myself for not covering explicitly in [email protected] – Troubles with Asynchronous Ajax Requests and PHP Sessions by Marc Wandschneider. Normally, when you write web applications in PHP, this is really not an i

  • Is AJAX Cross-Browser? 2006-03-24

    There is a fascinating debate going on at Dojo developer Alex Russell's blog. Sparked over the release of ajaxWrite, an in-browser Microsoft Word look-alike, the debate calls into question just what AJAX means (if anything) for cross-browser compatib

  • Ajax and Screenreaders: When Can it Work? 2006-05-05

    We've all heard a great deal of buzz about AJAX in the last few months, and with this talk has come a legion of articles, tips, presentations and practical APIs designed to explore the possibilities and try to arrive at best-practice techniques. But,

  • The Inevitable AJAX Book

    The Inevitable AJAX Book 2006-06-21

    The following is republished from the Tech Times #141. Perhaps inevitably, SitePoint has published an AJAX book. Build Your Own AJAX Web Applications goes on sale today through sitepoint.com, and comes with a free Introduction to AJAX video tutorial

  • Build Your Own AJAX Web Applications

    Build Your Own AJAX Web Applications 2006-06-28

    So here you are, ready to learn all about this thing called AJAX. But, what exactly is it? The term AJAX refers to a loose grouping of technologies that are used to create dynamic, interactive web content. The term AJAX, originally coined by Jesse Ja

  • And the Award for Most Superfluous Use Of Ajax in a Mainstream Website goes to....

    And the Award for Most Superfluous Use Of Ajax in a Mainstream Website goes to.... 2006-07-25

    Ah,.. Ajax. It can be so nifty when it works well, but few technologies can lay a glove on it when it comes to making developers look (IMHO) silly. As Cameron Adams said recently: Ajax gives web pages the ability to act as desktop applications using

  • OSCON 2006: Ajax Optimization Techniques 2006-07-27

    This week, Kevin Yank is reporting from OSCON 2006 in Portland, OR. Kevin Henrikson of Zimbra gave a brisk presentation covering some of the lessons his organization has learned and the "dirty tricks" it has implemented to improve the performanc

  • OSCON 2006: Cross-site Ajax 2006-07-28

    This week, Kevin Yank is reporting from OSCON 2006 in Portland, OR. Paralyzed by indecision (at any given time at OSCON, there are literally three different sessions I would consider "must-see" going on), I went to Plaxo developer Joseph Smarr's

  • WD06: Jeremy Keith, "Explaining Ajax" 2006-09-28

    Kevin Yank is reporting from the Web Directions South conference in Sydney, Australia. As expected, Jeremy Keith gave a clear and entertaining introduction to AJAX at Web Directions South, today. I won't rehash that material here, as we have plenty o

  • Use AJAX and PHP to Build your Mailing List 2006-11-01

    An elegantly designed site filled with engaging content is worth very little without an interested audience. An opt-in mailing list is one of the most effective methods of making contact with your audience and driving repeat traffic to your site. If


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