• Run PHP-GTK and PHP-Apache on Win32 2002-08-09

    To set the scene: you have PHP running happily as an Apache module on your Windows development machine. Quite sensibly you only test PHP/Apache on Windows and always upload to some *NIX flavour for the hosting of your pages and applications. So far,

  • Compress Web Output Using mod_gzip and Apache 2003-02-18

    Web page compression is not a new technology, but it has recently gained higher recognition in the minds of IT administrators and managers because of the rapid ROI it generates. Compression extensions exist for most of the major Web server platforms,

  • Apache Assistance via IRC 2004-02-10

    Rich Bowen, author of the Apache Cookbook, also answers questions on an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel called #apache. Accessing this channel is easy on your IRC client (and there are clients for Linux, Mac and Windows – search for "irc" on a

  • Conditional Logging in Apache 2004-02-18

    Often we find entries in our web logs which we seek to supress or block based on the fact that these entries may be skewing true statistics. Most web log analysis software offers exclusion filters to block numerous types of entries. However, this can

  • Configure Web Logs in Apache

    Configure Web Logs in Apache 2004-02-23

    One of the many pieces of the Website puzzle is Web logs. Traffic analysis is central to most Websites, and the key to getting the most out of your traffic analysis revolves around how you configure your Web logs. Apache is one of the most - if not t

  • Securing Apache 2 Step by Step 2004-06-21

    Security Focus has published a fantastic, in-depth piece by Artur Maj, a principal software engineer with Oracle, on locking down Apache 2. The article starts with the assumption that initially Apache will serve only static HTML pages, and walks thro

  • Securing Your Apache 2 Server with SSL 2004-08-02

    Securing an Apache 2 Web server can be an intimidating prospect for those new to secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates. However, this need not be the case. SSL secures Web server to Web browser connections. Read on to better understand SSL certific

  • SSL-Apache Column and More 2004-08-02

    A new column is up to kick off August - Securing Your Apache 2 Server with SSL. I struggled in my early days with SSL and after several failures got the hang of it. I hope to save others some time and money in getting a good background and foundation

  • Hardening Apache - A Conversation with the Author 2004-11-03

    Information security has become a standard function for system administrators of all stripes and in all sizes of environments. One of the most critical pieces of the security puzzle is to lock down production and development Web servers. A new book f

  • Tony Mobily Talks About Hardening Apache 2004-11-03

    My latest column, a review on Hardening Apache and a conversation with its author, Tony Mobily, is up on SitePoint. Mobily has an insightful view of Apache and has provided an excellent method for securing the world's most popular web server software

  • Getting Started: Apache mod_rewrite Methods 2004-11-05

    Apache's mod_rewrite module appears to be the one area of Apache administration that generates the most questions. I seem to be a perpetual beginner when it comes to url rewriting, and I continue to dream up impossible wishes on a regular basis. I al

  • Running Apache on Windows 2005-02-27

    The Apache web server is gaining new momentum in 2005 after Netcraft reported them relatively flat in market share last year. The February web server survey shows them gaining a bit more than a percentage point year to date. While that may seem low –

  • Apache Performance Testing 2005-03-13

    I have been starting to work with ab – included with Apache and not a new tool. ab allows for performance testing of web pages, sites and even dynamic scripts based on user load. ab enables the creation of single or multiple requests per second and p

  • Apache Ant Demystified - Parts 1 and 2 2005-03-24

    One of the principles of good software engineering is the daily build. If you build your software every day then it acts as a barometer, showing the state of the project. If something's broken, it gets noticed faster, so it gets fixed faster. The dai

  • Tomcat sucks... Is Apache flawed? 2006-04-21

    High on my list of Java blogs is Hani Suleiman's The BileBlog, in which he gives unapologetically abrasive reviews of popular Java projects and the people behind them. In the past, he has had been less than complimentary of the Apache Project's vario

  • Learn Apache mod_rewrite: 13 Real-world Examples 2007-09-26

    This article was written in 2007 and remains one of our most popular posts. If you're keen to learn more about Apache, you may find this recent article on Apache CloudStack of great interest. Apache's low-cost, powerful set of features make it the se

  • CouchDB on its Way to Becoming an Apache Project

    CouchDB on its Way to Becoming an Apache Project 2008-02-26

    CouchDB has been mentioned a few times on sitepoint.com (here, here, and here) but this year brought some exciting changes for the project. Firstly, on New Years Day, Damien Katz announced that he had accepted a full-time position at IBM to primarily

  • How to Install Apache Web Server on Windows

    How to Install Apache Web Server on Windows 2009-04-07

    This article was written in 2009 and remains one of our most popular posts. If you're keen to learn more about Apache, you may find this recent article on Apache Cloudstack of great interest. Starting web development is easy: you create a file called

  • How to Test Multiple Websites on One PC With Apache Virtual Hosts

    How to Test Multiple Websites on One PC With Apache Virtual Hosts 2009-04-23

    It is rare to find a web developer with responsibility for just one website. In this article, we will configure your development PC so you can test any number of websites using a dedicated domain name for each one. You will require a local installati

  • What is the best way to run SSL with Apache HTTPD in an app you distribute? 2009-04-30

    Let's say you have a web app and you distribute an embedded Apache HTTPD with that web app. It's difficult to manage customers that want to run SSL. The best way appears to be to let the customer manage installing SSL certificates on the embedded Apa

    Tags: security, apache 2.2, ssl, certificate

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