• Microsoft vs Google: Bing It On

    Microsoft vs Google: Bing It On 2009-06-01

    If you haven't heard about Microsoft's new search engine,, you soon will: the company plans to spend as much as $100 million on Bing advertising. Bing is Microsoft's latest attempt to take on Google at their own game. They have attempted it

  • Microsoft Premieres Their Bing Television Commercial

    Microsoft Premieres Their Bing Television Commercial 2009-06-07

    As part of the company's $100 marketing push, Microsoft has started showing Bing search engine commercials on television in the US. The video is likely to appear in other countries as Bing's localization effort progresses, but if you're yet to see it

  • Searchme Bings Better than Bing

    Searchme Bings Better than Bing 2009-06-10

    I intended to write about how Bing influences the SEO spectrum this week, but instead, I will write about another search engine I accidentally stumbled upon during some random research. Why do I choose something not many Internet users know about ins

  • Will Bing Change SEO?

    Will Bing Change SEO? 2009-06-20

    One thing we know for sure: Bing is not Google, but rather an attempt to create the world's first "decision engine" described by many SE analysts as an "information portal." Bing uses different indexing algorithms and a redesigned SERP

  • Bing Boosted by Microsoft and Yahoo Deal

    Bing Boosted by Microsoft and Yahoo Deal 2009-07-30

    The on-off relationship between Microsoft and Yahoo has been consummated. A new 10-year deal will bind the two companies as they seek to compete with Google. In January 2008, Microsoft originally offered $47.5 billion to buy Yahoo outright. Despite Y

  • Why is the U.S. version of Bing better than the versions for other languages? 2009-08-03

    I'm pretty sure that most of you noticed the difference in the Microsoft search engine Bing when switching between languages on the top right corner! Actually the ones other than the United States are so basic and have no home page "add-ons" tha

    Tags: web, localization, search engines, bing, i18n
  • Does bing have advanced search operators? 2009-08-06

    I'm interested in search operators you can type in the search box, not the Advanced Search interface. Does bing have search opeartors? Where's the documentation for them? --------------Solutions------------- I found them: Perform a search Click Advan

    Tags: search engines, bing
  • SitePoint Podcast #22: Bing's Boondoggles 2009-08-08

    Episode 22 of The SitePoint Podcast is now available! This week your hosts are Stephan Segraves (@ssegraves), Brad Williams (@williamsba) and Kevin Yank (@sentience). Listen in your Browser Play this episode directly in your browser! Just click the o

  • Hi-res versions of Bing daily images? 2009-08-21

    Is there a repository somewhere of the daily images used on the Bing homepage? --------------Solutions------------- Some related to your question is given in the below link:

    Tags: bing
  • Bing Partners with WolframAlpha to Take on Google

    Bing Partners with WolframAlpha to Take on Google 2009-11-17

    In their ongoing attempt to lure users away from Google, Microsoft have teamed up with WolframAlpha to improve results in the Bing Search engine. Both Bing and WolframAlpha were launched in 2009: Bing appeared in June and received a largely positive

    Tags: bing
  • search engine (bing) lost my www 2010-03-18

    I just found that my site in the result of bing was broken, casue bing display wrong domain name: my site domain name:; bing list my site domain name : How can i ask bing to change it to the right one? Another search engines

    Tags: search engine
  • Display tracert on Google or Bing Maps

    Display tracert on Google or Bing Maps 2010-04-09

    Is there a program of perhaps website that can display a list of ip-adresses on Google or Bing maps? For instance, if I do tracert -d, I'll get a bunch of IP-addresses, displaying the path my request travelled. I'd think it funny to s

    Tags: ip address, google maps, bing maps
  • Why is Firefox searching with Bing when it shouldn't be? 2010-06-29

    I have changed the Firefox default keyword.url in about:config to but when I search from the address bar it goes to Bing. How is this possible? I don't even have any occurence of Bing in the about:co

    Tags: firefox, search engines
  • How do you figure out the popularity of different search terms in Bing? 2010-06-30

    Google Trends lets you view the relative popularity of search terms, is there a similar service for Bing? --------------Solutions------------- Bing has used to have a similar service: Bing XRank Unfortunately, as of October 2010, Bing XRank has been

    Tags: search, bing
  • Can I make parental searches on Bing / Google? 2010-07-02

    Is it possible to make searches on Bing, Google or another search machine, that will only show results that is, for example, PG-rated? For example, if I wanted to send a school student to search on the Bikini islands, a place where there has been don

    Tags: parental controls, search, google search, bing
  • Remove Bing bar from Firefox and Internet Explorer 2010-07-08

    Just launched Firefox this morning to find Microsoft has installed a huge Bing toolbar without asking me!?! They also changed my default search to Bing (as well as the context menu search on selected text) and attempted to change the home page. Same

    Tags: firefox, windows 7, bing
  • Import KML to Bing Maps 2010-07-27

    Is is it possible to import a KML into Bing Maps "My Places"? "My Places" let's you export a KML but I can't find the import option. --------------Solutions------------- Just found that Import only works in IE and not with Chrome. Inst

    Tags: kml, bing maps
  • Change Pin Icons in Bing Maps 2010-07-27

    Is it possible to change the icons for pushpins in "My Places"? If I import a Google Maps kml I can see the custom icons from Goole but I can't figure out how to change them in Bing Maps. --------------Solutions------------- Does this help? http

    Tags: bing, bing maps
  • Is Yahoo Search the same as Bing Search now? 2010-07-27

    We had some serious issues with Yahoo's (incredibly) badly written spider in the past, and as a result we blocked them. Marco Arment of Tumblr also shared his frustrations with us on 8/31/2009, which was a factor in us blocking them. [Yahoo's Spider

    Tags: user agent, bing, yahoo, web crawlers
  • Hidden Features in Bing 2010-07-28

    Do you know of any hidden features in Bing or Bing Maps? --------------Solutions------------- Most of these features aren't exactly hidden, but has a Bing cheatsheet. Some notable ones: Add prefer: to a keyword to place more importance on r

    Tags: bing, hidden features

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