• Lovely Cache Love-in 2004-02-06

    One of the biggest draws of ASP.NET to me is its great caching abilities. You can send any object to the cache, set its expiration period, and recall with just a few lines of code. For a quick recap, this is how you use the Cache object: To put an ob

  • The PHP Anthology Volume 2, Chapter 5 - Caching

    The PHP Anthology Volume 2, Chapter 5 - Caching 2004-02-16

    In the good old days, back when building Websites was as easy as knocking up a few HTML pages, the delivery of a Web page to a browser was a simple matter of having the Web server fetch a file. A site's visitors would see its small, text-only pages a

  • Disk Based Query Caching 2004-03-24

    -posted by davidjmedlock: I happened to notice this on Macromedia's ColdFusion Developer Center today. I think the article has been out for a little while but I thought I'd post the link here for any who are interested. Caching Queries to Disk or Mem

  • CFHTTP and DNS Caching 2004-10-19

    Tom Jordahl is a Macromedia Server Development Engineer and he's just blogged about CFHTTP caching DNS Queries. Apparently people were blaming the CFHTTP tag for caching the DNS queries forever, or at least until you restarted the CFMX services. Tom

  • The effect of using Rails fragment caching 2006-08-21

    Rails provides a few caching techniques, one of which is a fragment cache. The fragment cache is a dead-easy way to cache bits of your view. After checking that your queries are doing sensible things, the next often slowest part of the Rails stack is

  • Cache it! Solve PHP Performance Problems Article 2007-11-07

    In the good old days when building web sites was as easy as knocking up a few HTML pages, the delivery of a web page to a browser was a simple matter of having the web server fetch a file. A site's visitors would see its small, text-only pages almost

  • What is a good local Windows DNS Caching Server/Service? 2008-09-21

    My ISP constantly has trouble keeping their DNS servers up (or so it seems). Does anyone have any good suggestions for a local caching server that can be installed on Windows Vista? --------------Solutions------------- Well, it sounds like what you n

    Tags: windows, dns, cache
  • Save Some Cash: Optimize Your Browser Cache

    Save Some Cash: Optimize Your Browser Cache 2008-12-18

    There are many factors to consider when optimizing the download time of your web page. The one golden rule, however, is to minimize the number of HTTP network requests made by the browser. Those HTTP requests (and responses) are resource intensive, s

  • Free PHP Webinar: How to Increase Performance with Caching

    Free PHP Webinar: How to Increase Performance with Caching 2009-04-21

    Zend are holding a free webinar on Wednesday 22 April from San Francisco (9:00am PDT, 4:00pm UTC/GMT). The event is led by Shahar Evron and titled "How to increase application performance using caching". Shahar will give a one-hour live demonstr

  • How to clear the Offline Files cache on Windows XP 2009-05-01

    We had a server rename/migration and I was using the Offline Files feature on Windows XP SP2. Every so often, my "Offline Files Status" icon appears in my Taskbar and let's me know that the old server is "Offline: Unavailable to reconnect&q

    Tags: windows xp, troubleshooting, offline files
  • Turbo Memory Cache - Worth it for Laptops? 2009-05-02

    I am buying a new laptop (big fan of Lenovo, so will probably stick with it), and see an option that for about $40 I can add a 2GB Intel Turbo Memory hard drive cache. I am wondering whether it's worth it? Conceptually it makes sense, and it's not to

    Tags: memory, windows, laptop, cache
  • How can I configure apache so that it prevents proxy servers to cache a specific URL on my website? 2009-05-05

    I've got a clickonce repository hosted on a Apache server ; for obvious reasons*, I don't want this repository to be cached by a proxy server. I know there's no way to prevent a proxy to cache something if it wants to, but I'm looking for a way of ei

    Tags: proxy, apache 2.2, web server, clickonce
  • Modify DNS cache other than HOSTS file? 2009-05-12

    Because HOSTS file could only define static A records, is there a way I could inject a MX record/create arbitrary name into a Windows workstation DNS Cache service? TIA --------------Solutions------------- No, not without running your own resolver on

    Tags: windows, domain name system
  • Vista Business doesn't cache domain credentials 2009-05-12

    I'm using Vista Business (SP1) as a client and a Samba Server (Debian) as a domain controller. I can login without troubles into the domain when I'm connected to the LAN, but when I'm offline, I get the error message There are currently no logon serv

    Tags: windows vista, login, active directory
  • How to get Squid to not cache files with certain extensions? 2009-05-15

    I've found information on how to keep squid from caching domains/IP addresses, however, that's not quite what I want. I'd like to prevent it from caching .jnlp and .jar files. The core problem being that when I push updates out to our server, our use

    Tags: cache, proxy, squid
  • How can I cache YouTube videos with Squid Cache? 2009-05-18

    we're using the Squid cache in our company. Is there any way we can cache YouTube videos? cheers :) --------------Solutions------------- First hit for "Squid youtube" on a popular search engine:

    Tags: cache, squid
  • Store cache files in /tmp or /home/USER/tmp 2009-05-18

    We generate cache files for combined site assets such as javascript and css. We currently store these files in /tmp but with everything else in there it is making the cleanup routines awkward to setup. Are we safe to switch to using /home/USER/tmp in

    Tags: storage, linux, centos
  • Can you Utilize Server RAM for NAS Cache? 2009-05-19

    I have a 4 CPU 16GB RAM system with an Areca 1230 RAID card and 6 HDs in a RAID 0+1 configuration with 1 hot spare. System has 2 onboard 1Gpbs nics I want to turn the system into a NAS. It seems like 16GB RAM for a NAS is a waste though. Is there any

    Tags: memory, cache, raid, network attached storage, ramdisk
  • Squid or Other HTTP Caches with SSD Cache Store? 2009-05-29

    I'm contemplating setting up a squid (or possibly varnish) cache on a system with SSD drives. The obvious benefit is that these systems have great READ speeds and I expect my hit ratios to be fairly high. Let's assume I can put 7 SSDs in to a RAID co

    Tags: http, cache, raid, ssd, squid
  • SATA Disks that handle write caching properly? 2009-05-30

    It's pretty common to see advice to disable the write cache on individual disks used for databases because otherwise some disks will acknowledge writes that haven't yet made it to the disk surface. This implies that some disks don't acknowledge write

    Tags: hard drive, sata, cache, data integrity

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