• Setting up Dual Heads on CentOS 5 2008-08-21

    I asked a question a while ago about learning to use Linux, and since then I've installed CentOS 5 on a local machine to match my host. Installation was fine, and I'm up and running, but I can't setup it up to use 2 monitors (Dual Heads) and I just c

    Tags: linux, multiple monitors, centos 5
  • yum-security for CentOS? 2009-05-01

    Last time I checked I was able to install yum-security in CentOS but since it doesn't use the official redhat mirrors I was unable to get it to actually work. Is there a way to make yum-security work or is there an alternative to yum-security on Cent

    Tags: redhat, centos
  • How to configure an external CentOS server to act as an HTTP Proxy/Relay? 2009-05-02

    I have an externally hosted CentOS 5 server (external.example.com) that I want to use as a relay/proxy for my local web requests. So basically, if I load google.com on my local computer I'd like for the request to appear to Google as if it was coming

    Tags: linux, proxy, centos, squid
  • Python source RPMS for centos? 2009-05-16

    Anybody have a link to the page where centos source rpms are located? I'm looking for the python source rpm to build a debug python binary. --------------Solutions------------- Found the rpms here: http://mirror.centos.org/centos/5/os/SRPMS/

    Tags: python, rpm, centos
  • Python 3.0 RPMs for CentOS 5 (RHEL 5) 2009-05-22

    Where is the best repository you use to obtain RPMs for Python 3.0 which are well maintained? --------------Solutions------------- You can try package from ActiveState http://www.activestate.com/activepython/downloads. It doesn't depend on package ma

    Tags: python, rpm, centos, rhel5
  • What issues should I watch for when rolling out CentOS as a desktop environment? 2009-05-25

    I have been managing Debian, and now Ubuntu, desktop systems for a small shop for several years now. I am very comfortable with apt for package management and distribution upgrades. The Ubuntu installer has worked for every system I have needed to ad

    Tags: deployment, centos
  • Upgrade PHP to latest version on CentOS 4.5 2009-05-28

    I'm a Linux newbie but I need to upgrade PHP on CentOS 4.5 to the latest version -- or at least 5.2.2 or better. What's the easiest way to do that? The latest available via yum seems to be 5.1.6 and I can't find anything on the Web that seems to work

    Tags: php, centos
  • Installing Tomcat on CentOS 5 2009-05-29

    Disclaimer: I am not a server admin, I am a windows user that has lead a life of sinful installation wizards and drag and drop I'm attempting to install Tomcat on CentOS 5 hosted by a MediaTemple dedicated virtual server. I basically followed this gu

    Tags: java, apache 2.2, tomcat, centos
  • CentOS/Dovecot/Postfix server doesn't allow external email clients to send email ANYMORE 2009-05-30

    I've been running a CentOS/Dovecot/Postfix box as an email server for a while with no complications. A few weeks ago users stopped being able to send emails through external clients. They can read an access their emails from Outlook/Evolution/Thunder

    Tags: email, centos, postfix, dovecot
  • Why is the disk space used by the same directory on two CentOS boxes different? 2009-05-30

    I'm wondering why, when I use rsnapshot to rsync /usr/lib/locate from one machine to another, the output given by 'du' is different? The machines are identical, the OS on both is CentOS 5.3. Here is the output on the source machine: # du -csh /usr/li

    Tags: linux, rsync, centos
  • Up-to-date repository for CentOS git RPMS 2009-05-31

    I'm currently maintaining git packages manually for my CentOS machines since there seem to be no recent packages available in the Repos. I'm rebuilding the SRPMS from kernel.org, but --without docs since I can't satisfy the dependencies, which is not

    Tags: git, yum, rpm, centos
  • Enable nice urls / permalinks in CentOS + Apache 2009-06-03

    We've got a fresh CentOS box and we need to enable nice urls / permalinks. We're running Apache with mod_rewrite installed but I'm aware I need edit a few config files to get the basics up and running. What are the steps and files that need to be cha

    Tags: apache 2.2, centos, mod rewrite, rewrite, .htaccess
  • cleaning up centos install 2009-06-04

    I am relatively new to using linux but have a vps with centos installed with uTorrent installed via wine. The VPS has 50GB of space which I have noticed all of that is being taken up by the home/admin/ directory. Inside this directory are two other d

    Tags: filesystems, centos
  • WebDAV on CentOS - getting 403 error when attempt to upload 2009-06-05

    I configured Apache2 to allow WebDav on a directory (CentOS 5 / Plesk 8.6): WebDav is enabled in httpd.conf /var/lib/dav/lockdb is writeable by Apache My target dir is chmod 777 My target dir is chowned apache:psacln using Basic Authentication (setup

    Tags: apache 2.2, webdav, centos
  • Managing CentOS VPS through SSH 2009-06-05

    Currently I'm taking charge of a CentOS based VPS with cPanel installed. However, I would like to upgrade the version of PHP and MySQL installed, along with some other optimizations to perform. However, after logging in as Root, I navigated through a

    Tags: ssh, vps, centos
  • installing SVN - CentOS - cannot find -lexpat 2009-06-06

    Hey guys, I'm trying to install SVN on CentOS 5. Unfortunately a simple yum install isn't going to work (afaik) because I'm using the DirectAdmin control panel. When it comes to running 'make' I get this error: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lexpat I'm ne

    Tags: svn, centos
  • Install Python 2.5 on RedHat/Centos 2009-06-11

    Current Python version is 2.4... yum upgrade python Gives Could not find update match for python Do I have to install from source? --------------Solutions------------- Yes, you need to install from source, you can use the following: wget http://www.p

    Tags: python, redhat
  • CentOS 5.3 Random Shutdown? 2009-06-12

    Our CentOS 5.3 box is randomly shutting down as if the power cable was pulled. June 5th is when it first happened, here is a paste from /var/log/messages Jun 5 12:06:22 mail named[23248]: unexpected RCODE (SERVFAIL) resolving 'loverspillscalm.com/NS/

    Tags: linux
  • install nfs on centos with a custom kernel 2009-06-16

    I am trying to turn on nfs on Centos running a custom kernel. In the kernel config, under File systems, Network File Systems, I enabled as modules 'NFS file system support' and 'NFS server support'. I did not enable any of the options under

    Tags: nfs, centos
  • Monitor RAID status through terminal (CentOS 5) 2009-06-16

    I am currently running CentOS 5 and looking for a terminal command that can allow me to monitor the status of the RAID set up (ie, if a drive is down) without having to get into the kernel. This is a live web server afterall. update: specs are its a

    Tags: raid, terminal, centos

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