• W3C seeks feedback on CSS3 2005-07-21

    CSS3 has been in the works for years, with so many new features and refinements that the specification had to be broken down into thirty modules. Most of these modules are slated for completion over the next year and a half. By the roadmap, one of th

  • Enjoy Tomorrow's Web Today with AIR and CSS3

    Enjoy Tomorrow's Web Today with AIR and CSS3 2008-10-29

    Many of us lament the lack of CSS3 features consistently implemented across the board in the most-used browsers. We dream of the utopia of minimal, semantic markup with streamlined CSS providing the most fantastic sites we could ever imagine. Or, hec

  • Add More Sparkle with CSS3

    Add More Sparkle with CSS3 2009-08-04

    Have you noticed that when EA Games release a new title they often simultaneously release the game for every gaming platform from PS3 to Nintendo DS? There are huge differences in the capabilities of those devices and yet they adapt the games to suit

  • CSS3: To Infinity And Beyond!

    CSS3: To Infinity And Beyond! 2009-09-30

    Let's face it. Mozilla puts out a lot of alphas, nightlies, and developer releases, so if you'd ignored last month's offering – Firefox 3.6 alpha – you could probably be forgiven. However, this time there were actually some good reasons for web geeks

  • Star Wars Makes CSS3 Animations and Transformations Make Sense

    Star Wars Makes CSS3 Animations and Transformations Make Sense 2010-02-09

    Being a JavaScript guy, I was always uncomfortable with the whole idea of CSS animations. It's an interesting experiment, but to me JavaScript is where your animation should be. That was until I found this AT-AT walker animation by Anthony Calzadilla

  • CSS3 Generators Write All that Pesky Code for You

    CSS3 Generators Write All that Pesky Code for You 2010-03-30

    Playing around with CSS3 is fun, but remembering all those experimental properties with their vendor prefixes, and which browser supports which property is a real bummer. But never fear, CSS3 code generators have it covered. Recently, I've found thre

  • Who Needs Flash? CSS3 Animated Spider-Man Cartoon

    Who Needs Flash? CSS3 Animated Spider-Man Cartoon 2010-05-09

    This is impressive. We've all seen pure CSS3 animations, but this example is one of the most ambitious to date. It replicates the classic 1967 Spider-Man cartoon title sequence (open the link in a Webkit browser such as Chrome or Safari). Ahh, happy

    Tags: animation
  • Should I use HTML5 and/or CSS3 to build my website? 2010-07-08

    The new HTML5/CSS3 (Web8!) stuff sounds cool! Should I start using it now or stick with css/xhtml wait until more browsers can use it? --------------Solutions------------- HTML5 is supported by all browsers now, even IE5!(if you use the html5shiv scr

    Tags: css, html5, css3, xhtml
  • What is new in HTML5/CSS3? 2010-07-08

    I've seen this site and this site, but that's a lot to digest. What are the main things about HTML5 that make it different/better than regular old (X)HTML/CSS? --------------Solutions------------- HTML5 is huge, but also awesome. In my view, it is mo

    Tags: html, css, html5, css3, xhtml
  • New Courses: HTML5 and CSS3 without the Hype -- Just the Stuff That Matters

    New Courses: HTML5 and CSS3 without the Hype -- Just the Stuff That Matters 2010-07-20

    Having just concluded our third SitePoint course, CSS Live with Russ Weakley, it's with genuine excitement that we announce details of two new courses that will knock your socks off! HTML5 Live and CSS3 Live with John Allsopp We're all really excited

    Tags: html
  • Use CSS3 in IE with a Slice of PIE 2010-07-27

    We all gave a little cheer when Microsoft announced CSS3 support for Internet Explorer 9. Perhaps now we'll be able to use those funky effects which have been supported in other browsers for internet-decades (a couple of years or so). Unfortunately,

    Tags: css
  • Go on a DIV Diet with CSS3 and John Allsopp 2010-08-16

    Hot on the heels of our most popular course to date, HTML5 Live, John Allsopp strikes back with his sequel. CSS3 Live with John Allsopp John's 15-lesson course to mastering CSS3 starts today, and you can join in for just $14.95. You can sign up now a

    Tags: Course
  • How to enable CSS3 features in Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8? 2010-08-17

    While IE9 looks very promising, IE6, IE7 and IE8 will probably haunt us for many years to come, slowing the spread of CSS3 on the web. A number of projects based on HTC and JS add some CSS3 support to IE: CSS3PIE IE7.js eCSStender DD_roundies border-

    Tags: internet explorer 6, css3
  • CSS3 Border Images for Beautiful, Flexible Boxes

    CSS3 Border Images for Beautiful, Flexible Boxes 2010-09-17

    The CSS3 buzz is in full swing, and many of CSS3's most useful properties are receiving a fair bit of attention. Properties like border-radius, text-shadow, custom gradients, and even CSS3 transitions have been shown to be quite practical, resolving

  • XHTML / HTML / CSS or HTML5 and CSS3 2010-09-25

    Should I learn HTML / XHTML / CSS first, or should I just dive into HTML5 and CSS3? I am a bit confused about this process. I do know basic HTML / CSS, but am planning on re-learning everything these next few weeks, and have not done this since high

    Tags: html, css
  • The WDS Title Sequence Explained: HTML5 and CSS3 in Action 2010-10-18

    I've just returned from Web Directions South in Sydney, where I saw some inspiring speakers geeking out on stage, and mingled with a bunch of other web-minded individuals. But the most inspiring thing I saw happened in the first ten minutes of the co

    Tags: css3
  • Shadow Boxing: Image-free, CSS3, Glossy Buttons

    Shadow Boxing: Image-free, CSS3, Glossy Buttons 2010-10-26

    Buttons. As web monkeys, we use a lot of them. Search buttons, buy buttons, send buttons, close buttons. You generally find them at the most important intersections of our websites, so we naturally want them to look special.Traditionally, this has be

    Tags: buttons
  • CSS3 Background Gradient Fixed 2010-10-27

    I'd like to make my CSS3 background gradient fixed. Any suggestions? --------------Solutions------------- A way I have done it in the past was, within your css file set your background color to a solid color (example, #FFF). Create an gradient image

    Tags: css3
  • Real World HTML5 & CSS3 in Internet Explorer 9

    Real World HTML5 & CSS3 in Internet Explorer 9 2010-11-26

    In the world around us, people want solutions to their problems. They want to use stuff that works and they want to get things done quickly and efficiently. But more importantly, they want to be able to focus on the things that really matter. As web

    Tags: css3
  • LESS and CSS3 syntax highlighting 2010-12-06

    I found this post on SU, but it doesn't seem to address my needs exactly, so I'll ask a similar question. I normally use PSPad, and I'm also not too scared of Notepad++. They are both good editors, but their CSS highlighting seems to be lacking all t

    Tags: less, notepad++, pspad, syntax highlighting

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