• Index of PHP tokens for Emacs and beyond 2007-11-18

    I've been using Emacs as my primary editor for a while now. A lot of people prefer IDE's, but I've never been comfortable with them. I kind of like the ability to show a list of classes & functions in a file though. Emacs can use ctags to generate a

  • EMacs jump to another file 2008-11-03

    Is there a substitute in emacs for the vi "gf" command? meaning try to open the file which is under the cursor right now if a real file name is in fact there. Thanks --------------Solutions------------- You want the find-file-at-point function (

    Tags: emacs
  • Unable to have a Vim-like keybinding in Emacs 2009-06-02

    I want to replace the command for moving between windows in Emacs to Ctrl-t The command in pseudo-code (global-set-key "\C-moveBetweenWindows" 'C-t) How can you remap the command for moving between windows in Emacs? --------------Solutions------

    Tags: emacs
  • Boilerplate text with Emacs Gnus 2009-07-21

    How can I make boilerplate text to use with Emacs Gnus email responses? --------------Solutions------------- AbbrevMode works in Gnus. From that link (with some edits): Defining Abbrevs Type the word you want to use as expansion, and then type 'C-x a

    Tags: emacs, gnus
  • How to make unicode characters visible in Emacs? 2009-07-27

    When I open a file with some UTF-8 text in it the characters show up as boxes. I think I have a font missing, because I can safely edit these boxes and the changes will turn out correctly when I look at them in another text editor (for example from V

    Tags: unicode, emacs, fonts, gentoo
  • How to change the font in Emacs for Windows? 2009-08-06

    I'm following this Lisp tutorial, which provides you with a Lisp interpreter and Emacs to make setting stuff up easier. However, I want to change the font, and everything Google has given me involves putting some cryptic lisp commands in a file, or p

    Tags: windows, emacs, fonts
  • How can I differentiate between the different Emacs packages on Ubuntu? 2009-08-08

    What is the difference between each of the following. emacs22 emacs22-nox emacs-snapshot emacs-snapshot-nox emacs21 emacs21-nox emacs22-gtk --------------Solutions------------- Emacs snapshot is the CVS version of Emacs. GTK is compiled with GTK supp

    Tags: ubuntu, emacs
  • Is there any *good* HTML-mode for emacs?

    Is there any *good* HTML-mode for emacs? 2009-08-09

    I love emacs, and I want to do my web-programming work in it, but I can't find a way to get it to edit HTML properly. I mean it's seriously awful. It will do HTML fine, but not PHP, javascript, etc. I tried getting html-helper-mode... I downloaded it

    Tags: php, javascript, html, emacs, syntax highlighting
  • Features of Emacs that are complementary to Vim? 2009-08-12

    I've been using Vim extensively for a while now, and I really enjoy working with it. However, I keep reading praises for Emacs. I've decided to take a look at Emacs to round out my knowledge of the Unix editors (not to mention Emacs keybindings are u

    Tags: vim, emacs
  • How do I make c-basic-offset stick in emacs? 2009-08-17

    In switching coding styles, I need to go from a one tab width of 4 indentation to a two space indentation. I've added the following to my .emacs file, at the very end: (setq indent-tabs-mode nil) (setq c-basic-offset 2) Unfortunately, that's not work

    Tags: emacs
  • How do I make Emacs remember my FTP logins (on Windows) 2009-08-18

    I've followed the instructions here on making a .netrc file to store my FTP logins. I don't know where to put this file though. I've tried it in various places, but Emacs doesn't seem to recognise it. I'm using EmacsW32. --------------Solutions------

    Tags: emacs, ftp
  • Finding a setting which controls `emacs` startup 2009-08-26

    How can you change the commnad emacs startup the standard Emacs? I run emacs and get XEmacs as an editor in an external window. I would like to get the default Emacs inside Ubuntu's terminal. which emacs gives me /usr/bin/emacs which seems to be the

    Tags: ubuntu, emacs
  • How to make Emacs read buffer from stdin on start? 2009-08-28

    With Vim I can easily do $ echo 123 | vim - Is it possible to do with Emacs? $ echo 123 | emacs23 ... Emacs starts with a Welcome message $ echo 123 | emacs23 - ... Emacs starts with an empty *scratch* buffer and "Unknown option" $ echo 123 | em

    Tags: vim, unix, emacs
  • How do I fix my prompt in emacs shell-mode? 2009-08-28

    I'm doing some programming on a colleague's machine. He has a version of emacs (23.1.1) I haven't used before. My problem is that when I go to shell-mode, my bash prompt looks like this: ^[]0;[email protected]:~^G[[email protected]]$ I have PS1 set to '[\[email protected]\h]

    Tags: bash, emacs, prompt
  • Is there a statistical comparison of Emacs vs Vim in number of key strokes for given tasks? 2009-09-07

    Emacs just has shortcuts for everything and as such a given shortcut can take a few key presses. Vim has modes which reduce keys for given tasks because it's usually just one key. But then you have to switch between modes a lot. It's all very well sp

    Tags: vim, emacs
  • Emacs background is grey after upgrading to Snow Leopard 2009-09-12

    I use Emacs within Terminal on my MacBook. I have configured Emacs to use the color-theme package. I prefer the "whateveryouwant" theme, which has a white background. Incidentally, I also have a white background in my Terminal sessions. Now, aft

    Tags: osx, emacs, osx snow leopard
  • Why doesn't Emacs FTP work for certain sites in Ubuntu? 2009-09-13

    This is really confusing me, because however much I search I don't seem to be able to come across this problem on Google. I'm trying to edit files on a web server using Emacs Ange-FTP on Ubuntu. I type in /[email protected]:/, Emacs then prompts for

    Tags: ubuntu, emacs, ftp
  • Make emacs not remove the BOM from XML files 2009-09-14

    I use Emacs to edit an XML file that is also read by another application. The other application requires that the file start with a byte-order marker (BOM). However, Emacs seems to remove the BOM every time I edit the file. Is there a way to make Ema

    Tags: xml, emacs
  • Differences between Emacs and Vim 2009-09-15

    Without getting into a religious argument about why one is better than the other, what are the practical differences between Emacs and Vim? I'm looking to learn one or the other, but I realize the learning curve for each is high and I can't decide. I

    Tags: vim, emacs
  • Beautiful paper prints with Emacs

    Beautiful paper prints with Emacs 2009-09-25

    Is it possible to get beautiful prints in GNU Emacs? By default using M-x print-buffer the output looks ugly, with big fonts and no margin. For source code it would be nice to get a pretty font, syntax highlighting, a header and line numbering. -----

    Tags: emacs, printing, source code

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