• GitHub Gist is Pastie on Steroids

    GitHub Gist is Pastie on Steroids 2008-07-24

    In just a few short months GitHub has become a huge hit in the programming community, especially in the open source and Rails communities. GitHub provides software repository services using Git, the decentralized version control system created by Lin

  • Multiple users on one server working from a github repo? 2009-07-22

    We have 4 users trying to work from a private github repo. Each user has a github account. We have a Development server with four "sandbox directories" that these users use will work in and push/pull to the private repo on github. Now, being pre

    Tags: git
  • Git - GitHub Repository Setup Viable? 2009-09-01

    I have a small team of developers and we have purchased a small private repository account. Essentially all we want to do is have this central repository store all of our source code and for each individual developer be able to push and pull to and f

    Tags: git, repository, github
  • How Can I Point My Local Testing Server at My GitHub Repository? 2009-09-03

    Up until a few days ago, I had a particular setup that was as follows. Using SVN, all of the websites that I developed were committed to a source control drop box on a local testing server. Then using IIS, a new website was set up to point at the las

    Tags: git, github
  • How to set up multi users on dev server with git and github 2010-06-09

    I'm working on lamp application. We have 2 servers (Debian) Live and Dev. I constantly work on dev main to add new features and fix bugs. When happy all works well I scp the relevant code to the Live system. Database (mysql) is local to each machine.

    Tags: git, github
  • Server Config on Github Security Considerations? 2010-06-15

    What are the security considerations of having my server configs in a repo on Github with world read-only access. I know to not include /etc/shadow and other password files. I'd like to share any of my good ideas and allow others to contribute, but I

    Tags: security
  • RSA key, github keeps asking for my password 2010-07-07

    Okay folks, noob RSA question here. I have a production server, and I've generated an rsa key there. I've then taken the public key ( and given that to github, as a deploy key I believe. What I'm trying to do is automate a deployment scrip

    Tags: rsa, github
  • Is there a way to link to a specific line of an arbitrary sha1 and file on Github? 2010-07-11

    For example, I can link to a specific line of an arbitrary tag and file, like this. And I can link to an arbitrary sha1 and file, like this, but that's the raw file, so no way to link to a line there. Is there a way to do sha1, file and line at the s

    Tags: links
  • Commit hook on github to trigger hudson build 2010-07-28

    I'm using Hudson as my CI server and I'm trying to get my commits to trigger a build. When I was using gitosis I just had a post-receive that ran a curl -u gituser:password http://my.hudson.url/project/?token=someToken I can't seem to find out how to

    Tags: hudson, continuous integration, github
  • Multiple github accounts on the same computer? 2010-10-05

    Trying to work on my both my actual "work" repos, and my personal repos on git hub, from my computer. The work account was set up first, and everything works flawlessly. My personal account, however cannot seem to push to my personal repo, which

    Tags: git, version control, github
  • How do I ensure Git doesn't ask me for my GitHub username and password? 2010-10-14

    I am working with a repo on GitHub and everytime I try to push something, it asks for my GitHub username and password. I don't want it doing that. I tried the instructions on setting your email in Git, namely set up the Git variables github.user and

    Tags: git, login, github
  • Best way to Install Ruby 1.9, Rails 3, Postgres, Heroku, GitHub, Using RVM?

    Best way to Install Ruby 1.9, Rails 3, Postgres, Heroku, GitHub, Using RVM? 2010-10-16

    I am interested in setting up a Ruby on Rails environment on my 10.10 laptop. Is there anything special I need to keep in mind for installation (i.e. that could be new or unique to 10.10)? Are there any suggested walkthroughs that I could follow alon

    Tags: ruby, installation, rails
  • How to Remove GitHub Pages? 2010-10-23

    I was playing about with my git repo and tried the GitHub pages feature but I'm not sure how to get rid of it. The check box on the repo admin is disabled. --------------Solutions------------- Simply delete the gh-pages remote branch: $ git push orig

    Tags: git, github
  • How to do successive commits into github repository? 2010-10-30

    I already did my first commit into github. But now I have checked out the already committed repository using 'git clone <repo name>'. Now after updating my code I want to commit back the new code into my git repository. How to do that ? ------------

    Tags: git, Ruby on Rails, github
  • A question about git and github 2010-11-05

    I have a problem. I forked a project in I made my changes, commited it and pushed to the original (what I Forked) repo. But in the original repo there are many changes, so I'd like to merge this with my own fork. --------------Solutions--

    Tags: git, version control
  • Using the same github account from multiple PCs 2010-11-29

    I have my github account and I want to access it from my two workstations, an Ubuntu workstation and a Windows one. I'm a beginner on SSH and git as well, I followed all the instructions to setup my account with an SSH key on my ubuntu laptop, and ev

    Tags: git, ssh, github
  • Can I delete my public GitHub repository? 2010-11-29

    I have a Git repository hosted publicly on GitHub that I would like to delete. How can I do this? --------------Solutions------------- See Deleting a repository, from Help.GitHub. Go to the repo's admin page Click "Delete this repository" Read t

    Tags: github
  • Generating a proper ssh keypair on Lenny for Github 2010-11-29

    I have a codebase hosted in GitHub. I have 2 ubuntu machines (both on 10.04) that I develop on. On these machines I had no trouble generating my keypairs as per GitHub's instructions. Using the command ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "emailaddress" My serv

    Tags: ssh, debian lenny, github, ubuntu 10.04
  • Starter guide for git/github? 2010-12-01

    I'm a novice when it comes to version control. Git looks pretty neat, and I've seen some interesting projects on github (Homebrew in particular). I've set up git and github, and I've looked up a tutorial or two, but I can't quite get my head around t

    Tags: git, github
  • What is the license of a GitHub Gist? 2010-12-15

    If I release some code and binaries, but I don't include any license at all with it, what are the legal terms that apply by default (in the US, where I am). I know that I automatically have copyright without doing anything, but what restrictions are

    Tags: licensing, open source

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