• Top 10 Google Myths Revealed 2002-12-24

    Google is the Web's most popular search engine, powering not only the popular Website, but also Yahoo! and AOL. Being listed in Google is very important, and being listed highly in Google can bring great benefit to your site. However, ther

  • Google PageRank - Democracy or Corporate Muscle? 2003-01-16

    Google PageRankâ„¢ is what got Google where it is today. Google has become the world's favorite search engine, and on average it probably brings Websites over 50% of their new visitors (when you take into account visitors from Yahoo Web page searches

  • Introducing Google AdSense 2003-06-25

    A few months ago, Google began distribution of the AdWords advertisements that are normally found at the right side of their search results (for more on AdWords, see This distribution was based on CPM rates, and was limite

  • How to Make the Most of Google AdWords

    How to Make the Most of Google AdWords 2004-01-31

    Are you one of the 150,000 Webmasters and advertisers using Google's AdWords Select keyword targeted text advertising to drive traffic to your Website? If so, you may be able to save a bundle by cheating Google! Okay, so it's not exactly cheating per

  • How To Beat Google's 'Brandy' Update 2004-03-08

    The Google update of the 17th-20th February 2004 (nicknamed 'Brandy' by WebmasterWorld) resulted in major changes in the results the search engine returns. The 'Brandy' update seems to have incorporated some pre-'Florida' results (another major updat

  • Check your Spelling With Google 2004-03-10

    I'm inheritently lazy-Inheritently, is that the correct spelling? Instead of opening Word, or shock horror, actually leafing through a real dictionary, I now just plug the word into Google and look at the "Did you mean:" entry at the top of the

  • A Marketing Tactic That Works Better than Google AdWords 2004-06-17

    I constantly track and measure results of any marketing tactic, and hope that you do, too. I've found that writing articles is one tactic that beats Google AdWords anytime. In fact, this blog and the articles I've written for SitePoint have generated

  • PHP CLI and Google Translation 2004-09-17

    Just been doing some heavy translation from German to English. Which lead to writing a simple command line tool for translating via Google – waste time to save time in other words. Getting a prototype up from scratch took about 15 minutes (which shed

  • Why Google Will Defeat Yahoo! in the Web Hosting War

    Why Google Will Defeat Yahoo! in the Web Hosting War 2004-09-27

    The mighty (and now public) juggernaut that is Google is emerging as the most formidable potential competitor in the Web hosting space. Who will suffer the most when Google enters Website hosting? Yahoo! "No way!" you say. "Google doesn't e

  • Winter in the Google-verse

    Winter in the Google-verse 2004-12-21

    Seasonal decoration and localization have been discussion points around the SitePoint office of late. On one hand, what could be wrong with adding a little seasonal vibe to a site? A sprig of holly here, perhaps? A star there? You would have to be a

  • Fun with Google Maps 2005-02-22

    Google Maps launched a couple of weeks ago, and is another dramatic victory for dynamic web applications. If you haven't seen it yet, go check it out (IE/Windows or Firefox/Mozilla only at the moment, but Safari support is "coming soon"). It's a

  • WebBase Picks up Where Google Left Off 2005-04-15

    The WebBase Project at Standford. Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin spawned their world-class technology at Stanford and a new group has taken over and plan to focus on the development and testing of new algorithms for clustering, searching,

  • Google's TrustRank Trademark 2005-05-04

    As has been widely reported and discussed, Google has registered a trademark for "TrustRank." Behind the trademark, we find a research paper from the usual suspects at the Stanford Digital Libraries project. This paper discusses a method of weed

  • Ho, Hum, another Google patent... 2005-05-11

    No, not another new one today, sorry. In fact, this patent, for Information retrieval based on historical data, has already been discussed to death. A nice example can be found at SEOmoz. So, why haven't I blogged it to death myself? Because it tells

  • Google testing Adsense for feeds 2005-05-23

    Google and Yahoo have both tested advertising in RSS news feeds. Google's program, Adsense for feeds, is open for applications during the beta period. Google has also published a document describing best practices for Adsense publishers participating

  • Google Site Maps - Flipping the Script 2005-06-06

    Google has just released a beta tool for webmasters called Google Site Maps, which allows webmasters to submit an XML sitemap. According to Google's website and related blog entries, the goal is to make it easier for Google to index more of the web.

  • GoogleGuy Dumps, Google Leaks 2005-06-07

    The current/recent Google update, dubbed "update Bourbon," has created a bit of a stir, due to the length of the update and the significant shifts that have taken place in some search results. Google's webmaster rep "GoogleGuy" posted

  • Google Toolbar for Firefox et al 2005-07-08

    Google has released a long-awaited Firefox version of its toolbar. The toolbar runs on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. There are some other Google-related extensions for Firefox: Google Sugggest – suggests completion of search terms typed into the Fi

  • Google's tracking links - grrrrrrrrr! 2005-08-21

    Over the past couple days, I've become plenty annoyed with Google's tracking links breaking, or failing to return any data. I get the same experience with Yahoo (which loves redirection) quite often – at least with Google SERPs it's only a small perc

  • Reach out and touch with Google 2005-08-23

    Google is branching out beyond search this week with news of a multi-faceted instant messaging client and the upgraded Desktop 2 with Sidebar. Google's IM, which the Wall Street Journal reports will be called Google Talk, will go head to head with AO


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