• Powerful Open Source Web Editor (IDE) 2005-01-09

    The emergence and now near dominance of sophisticated WYSIWYG editors has been a source of pleasure and pain for web designers and developers. Tools such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive and even Microsoft's Front Page have saved countless hou

  • Free IntelliJ IDEA for OSS Developers 2005-02-17

    Have you been thinking about starting an Open Source Software (OSS) project? Do you already contribute to one? If so, JetBrains is willing to part with a free license to their top notch Java IDE, IntelliJ IDEA. This is actually becoming a recurring t

  • How often do you pitch ideas to prospects and clients? 2005-04-28

    The more successful professionals do something their less successful counterparts don't: They pitch ideas to prospects and clients. That way, they create opportunities for work, rather than waiting for opportunities (usually price sensitive and compe

  • Preview: JBuilder 2006 vs. IntelliJ IDEA 5.0 2005-10-17

    All of the Java IDE announcements I reported on a few months back have come to fruition, with recent releases of Eclipse 3.1, NetBeans 5.0 Beta, IntelliJ IDEA 5.0 and Borland JBuilder 2006. As a longtime user of JBuilder, I've always been in somethin

  • Zend and IBM to co-develop new PHP IDE and framework 2005-10-17

    Word on the street is that Zend and IBM are cooking up a big open source initiative called the PHP Collaboration Project. The project will be based on PHP and Eclipse, and will aim to compete with Microsoft's .NET platform in small and medium enterpr

  • The big idea of the day 2005-11-01

    Have you checked out I am kicking myself for not thinking of this business. The company sets anyone up to make and sell products. Want to make and sell t-shirts with your design? Coffee mugs? Your own book? CafePress sets you up. T

  • The way to approach publications with article ideas 2005-11-10

    A reader emailed me recently, wondering why editors of various publications wouldn't print an article he had written. The article was fine, and would be good for his target market. Here's the problem: His approach was wrong. The way to get articles p

  • Do you have one or more idea files? 2006-02-20

    A key tool in any web designer's or developer's kit should be a set of idea files. These are files filled with great ideas that you see on the Web or in print ads, and can refer to over time. You should have a few files, some hard copies of screen sh

  • How to know which ideas to pursue 2006-07-04

    A Sitepoint reader emailed me with an interesting question. He comes up with all sorts of great ideas and wants to know how to figure out which to pursue. It's an important question since we have limited time and money. Here's some advice: 1. If the

  • Wridea: Online Idea Management Application

    Wridea: Online Idea Management Application 2008-07-12

    A big asset to any blogger is the ability to stay organized. When you're following leads on multiple stories, collecting links and doing research, keeping track of it all can mean the difference between being first on a hot scoop or wasting valuable

  • Yahoo!: Mainstream Has No Idea what OpenID Is

    Yahoo!: Mainstream Has No Idea what OpenID Is 2008-10-15

    Yahoo! today released the results of the OpenID usability study (PDF). The good news, says Yahoo!, is that after being explained the idea behind OpenID, most participants saw the utility of being able to sign into multiple web sites using a single si

  • It Was a Good Idea for the AFP to Turn Off RSS

    It Was a Good Idea for the AFP to Turn Off RSS 2008-12-31

    How many of the top 100 American newspapers use RSS? If you guessed "all of them," you'd be right. According to the 2008 Bivings Report, which looked at use of the Internet by America's largest 100 newspapers, every single one used RSS. And ther

  • Mozilla Launches Very Slick Cloud-Based IDE

    Mozilla Launches Very Slick Cloud-Based IDE 2009-02-14

    With every other piece of software going the "as a service" route, it was only a matter of time that someone would write a browser-based IDE. Last night Mozilla's Developer Tools Lab launched a public beta (dubbed an "experimental prototype

  • Congressman Adopts Crowdsourcing for Website Ideas

    Congressman Adopts Crowdsourcing for Website Ideas 2009-03-18

    Politicians are not normally known for their technical prowess, but US Congressman Mike Honda is bucking the trend and firmly believes that Web2.0 technologies can transform the relationship between citizens and government. He recently called for new

  • Eclipse IDE: How to zoom in on text?

    Eclipse IDE: How to zoom in on text? 2009-04-26

    I want the same behaviour Firefox has, when you use the scroll button in the mouse to zoom in and out on the current view. Is there something like it for eclipse? --------------Solutions------------- There is a project from a guy called 'tarlog' that

    Tags: eclipse, eclipse plugin
  • 8 Ideas For Unique And Affordable Business Cards

    8 Ideas For Unique And Affordable Business Cards 2009-04-29

    There are a number of posts out there with collections of really cool and unique business card designs. Some of my favorites are CreativeBits, CrazyLeaf Design Blog, and Daily Poetics. While these cards are definitely unique and fun to look at, many

  • A definitive list of IDEs for Ruby on Rails 2009-05-05

    In no particular order: Aptana RadRails Textmate VIM (Rails Plugin) RubyMine EMACS + Rinari E-Texteditor Komodo RDT (Ruby Eclipse) Ruby in Steel (Visual Studio plugin) Please add more and I will update periodically. --------------Solutions-----------

    Tags: Ruby on Rails, ide
  • openssh-server wont install on linux server, any ideas?

    openssh-server wont install on linux server, any ideas? 2009-05-08

    After reading this question on a server compromise, I started to wonder why people continue to seem to believe that they can recover a compromised system using detection/cleanup tools, or by just fixing the hole that was used to compromise the system

    Tags: security, hacking
  • Temporary external mounting of 3.5" SATA/IDE drives 2009-05-12

    What do you use for temporarily externally mounting 3.5" SATA and IDE hard drives? When I'm in the field and just have a laptop with me, I'd like to be able to mount a client's drive to my laptop for data recovery, etc. Is a separate USB enclosure fo

    Tags: sata, usb, hardware, ide
  • Is it always a bad idea to build your own business server? 2009-05-29

    This is the canonical question for "Should I build coomputing hardware myself?" questions. I have put together countless PCs, but never a large server. The geek in me says build it, but the realist in me says let the manufacturer handle it when

    Tags: rack, system building

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