• Is there a command in Cisco IOS to show all routes tagged with a specific tag? 2009-05-06

    In Cisco IOS, if I have a route-map entry as follows: route-map redistribute deny 10 match tag 65000 100 ! Is there a 'show' command that will give me a list of all routes that will match that stanza? EDIT: To those thinking about using 'show ip rout

    Tags: ios, routing, cisco
  • IOS: tie SNMP v3 credentials to TACACS or RADIUS? 2009-06-17

    On Cisco IOS, I'm looking at moving from SNMP v1/2 to v3, which means separate user/password credentials instead of just community strings. Is it possible to have those user credentials pulled from, and authenticated against, a TACACS or RADIUS serve

    Tags: ios, cisco, snmp, tacacs+
  • Where can I find information for learning to use Cisco IOS? 2009-09-01

    I just purchased a Cisco 881 router for my business. I understand a little IOS but i'm having a little problem setting up the router to match the current router (dinky netgear personal router). My plan is to first match the functionality of the curre

    Tags: router, cisco, setup, tutorial
  • Cisco AnyConnect on IOS 12.4(20)T 2009-09-09

    There are plenty of tutorials on setting up AnyConnect on an ASA unit, and a handful of links noting that IOS 12.4(15) and later support AnyConnect, but I can't seem to find any good documentation about how to setup AnyConnect on IOS; most tutorials

    Tags: ios, vpn, cisco, anyconnect
  • Need ios app for read and mark pdf documents 2009-09-28

    After having used Eucalyptus and Stanza apps on my iPhone, I really can't read printed books while traveling any more. What similar app can I use to transfer, store and read my own pdf files on my iPhone? I know that Stanza has a Windows application

    Tags: ios, pdf, applications, software recommendation
  • *nix shell with IOS style completion? 2009-10-02

    Is there a Linux shell that will let you type less than full commands as you can with Cisco IOS, at least for the first command (and not its arguments)? I haven't really thought enough if this is actually a good thing, but might be fun to play with :

    Tags: shell, linux, ios, cisco, nix
  • How do I find out what the WIC Model is from CISCO IOS? 2009-10-06

    How do I find out what the model number of a WIC is with an IOS command? In show interface all I get is 'Hardware is Fast Ethernet', I don't see anything under 'show hardware' either... --------------Solutions------------- Another command that may wo

    Tags: ios, networking, cisco
  • Setup Cisco IOS Static NAT 2009-10-12

    I'm trying to allow access to a printer on a separate LAN in the same building. I have control over only one of the networks... My attempt at not using another router failed see here. I now have a Cisco 2611 running IOS 12.2 (eBay special) to join th

    Tags: ios, cisco, nat
  • Help me with my Cisco ios config 2009-11-10

    I'm setting up a cisco 881 (this is my first ios device) I got everything working the way i want except port forwarding im trying forward all incoming port 80 traffic to and I don't see that option anywhere in the cisco configuration prof

    Tags: ios, configuration, cisco
  • Basic IPv6 firewall on Cisco IOS for small network 2010-02-20

    Now that I have IPv6 connectivity to my network, I'm looking for a basic IPv6 firewall configuration for IOS. It used to be that we could rely on NAT to 'hide' internal (read: outgoing connections only) machines but thankfully we no longer have NAT t

    Tags: ios, cisco, ipv6
  • Any issues with a Static NAT mapping and overloading to the same IP with IOS? 2010-02-23

    Let say an ISP gives me, and I have an internal network of If I run a webserver on say and have that statically mapped to, is there any problem with also making my nat overload IP for gen

    Tags: networking, cisco, nat
  • Cisco IOS Privilege Level 2010-03-05

    It is possible to define a privilege level on a Cisco router so that another user can run every command including the enable mode but not create or modify user accounts? How? --------------Solutions------------- Actually the answer you selected is wr

    Tags: cisco
  • Can IOS be upgraded on a Cisco Catalyst 6509 switch without downtime? 2010-03-16

    There's this Cisco Catalyst 6509 switch with 2 (two) supervisor modules; one of them is active, the other is (almost always) in standby. We need to upgrade IOS; current version is 12.2.something (I can check exactly which one, if this does matter). C

    Tags: ios, cisco
  • Is there a Cisco IOS Virtual Appliance? 2010-04-14

    Need to do test configurations on (unfamiliar) Cisco/IOS equipment. Is there a virtual machine I can light up and use it in my test environment as a real firewall/edge/core router? --------------Solutions------------- The only Cisco equipment emulato

    Tags: cisco
  • Cisco IOS rewrite http url 2010-05-18

    Is there a way that I can configure my router to rewrite http requests? So for example, if: is being accessed, it'll be re-written as: But transparently returned to the client? Thank you. -

    Tags: ios, security, router, cisco, cisco asa
  • Block Skype on Cisco IOS 2010-05-30

    I'm trying to block skype via policy routing but it's not working ... here's my configuration: class-map match-any block match protocol skype policy-map QoS-Priority-Input class block police 1000000 31250 31250 conform-action drop exceed-action drop

    Tags: ios, networking, cisco, qos, skype
  • Can I run iOS apps on my Mac? 2010-06-17

    I've seen a number of neat iPhone apps recently that I'd like to use. In particular, there are a number of neat musical apps (metronome, tuner, etc.) that seem highly rated, and have no real Mac equivalent. I don't have a recent iPod/iPhone/iPad (I d

    Tags: ios, osx, iphone, simulation, sdk
  • Cisco IOS: NAT overload for two WAN interfaces 2010-06-23

    I have a feeling the answer is policy-routing, but I'd like someone to clarify that. Basically I'm not having any luck getting NAT to work with two WAN interfaces. I have two WAN interfaces: fe0/1 (static,, gw and f

    Tags: ios, cisco, wide area network
  • ipod 2G MB531LL 16 gb - can I downgrade from 4.2.1 to iOS 3.1.3? 2010-07-15

    Is there a way to downgrade an iPod touch (2nd gen) from iOS 4 back to 3.1.3? --------------Solutions------------- There are two ways. The first way was if you backed up your SHSH blobs with Cydia. (you would know if you did this) During a software u

    Tags: ipod touch, ios 4
  • How do I migrate my existing Apple Notes from iOS 4 into SimpleNote, EverNote, or some other notes app? 2010-07-17

    I have an iPhone with 100+ notes that I've collected over the last 10 years (thanks to migrating from my Palm Pilot). I realize that I can now sync these with gmail, but that doesn't allow me to edit them from my computer. I'd rather switch to use a

    Tags: evernote, apple notes, simplenote

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