• Getting Started with Java 2001-03-13

    Looking to learn how to build dynamic Web sites? There are many options out there, the most popular of which include ASP, PHP, and other scripting languages. Another option is Java. Oh sure, Java began as a language for writing Web-based Applets and

  • Java Language Basics Article 2001-04-11

    Java is a powerful, cross-platform, object-oriented programming language suitable for writing anything from a distributed application that runs on a corporate network to a database-driven Web site to host your personal photo gallery. To make it easie

  • Object Oriented Concepts in Java - Part 1

    Object Oriented Concepts in Java - Part 1 2001-05-11

    A strong grounding in Java allows a developer to do more in less time than he or she could do using any other single programming language out there today. With Java, you can build complete applications featuring everything from accelerated 3D graphic

  • Object Oriented Concepts in Java â€" Part 2 2001-06-09

    Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is a powerful force in the landscape of software development today. Some say (quite correctly, in my opinion) that the development efforts behind large software projects such as Microsoft Office simply would not be p

  • Java Servlets - Part 1 Article

    Java Servlets - Part 1 Article 2001-08-04

    Whether you consider yourself to be an experienced Java developer or not, it's a safe bet that you've heard of Java Applets. Applets are little Java programs that run as part of a Web page. Since they're sort of 'mini-applications', they were dubbed

  • Java Servlets - Part 2

    Java Servlets - Part 2 2001-08-16

    As we learned in Part 1 of this article, a Java Servlet is a small Java program designed to handle Web browser requests and produce dynamically generated Web pages in response. We have already seen how to write, compile, and deploy simple Servlets. I

  • Introduction to the Java Standard Tag Library 2003-11-10

    In the beginning, there was HTML - and everyone was happy. Then, one day, someone clever decided that they needed to have dynamic content on their Website, invented a scripting language that generated HTML, and all hell broke loose. Within months, We

  • Enterprise Java Beans, A Primer: Part 2, Implement Your First EJBs

    Enterprise Java Beans, A Primer: Part 2, Implement Your First EJBs 2003-11-14

    One of the hardest steps for beginning J2EE developers to take is to build their first EJBs. This article will set aside those fears and help you venture into the world of EJB development. If you're not yet sure what EJBs are or why you should consid

  • Enterprise JavaBeans, A Primer: Part 3, A Tour of the Java Pet Store

    Enterprise JavaBeans, A Primer: Part 3, A Tour of the Java Pet Store 2004-01-12

    The J2EE platform is built around an architecture designed for developing distributed, multi-tier systems. As we saw in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, such systems are typically implemented around: a Web tier, embodied by request handling and user

  • Practical Reflection in Java 2004-05-12

    Via – Practical Reflection in Java (PDF). This is a chapter from O'Reilly's Hardcore Java. Know it's not PHP but a worthwhile read anyway. Even if you don't use Java it's worth understanding what it's about, particularily as interop between

  • Java Going Open Source? 2004-08-19

    This has been the buzz over the last few weeks as Sun mulls around on just how to take Java to the next step. Rather than rehashing what most of us have read elsewhere - I went to a seasoned Java developer in the field who has worked on web-based Jav

  • Quick-and-dirty Web Development with Java Studio Creator 2004-10-25

    Sun's latest push to make Java a more attractive platform for smaller Web developers came in the form of Java Studio Creator, first released in the middle of this year. Sun last week announced a free update to the product that would now support Mac O

  • Get your Java 6.0 builds here! 2004-11-18

    For as long as open source has been a household name, developers have clamoured for Sun to release the Java platform into the open source landscape. Sun, meanwhile, has steadfastly maintained its stewardship over the platform, playing the part of the

  • Java Plug-In Security Vulnerability Fixed 2004-11-24

    If you haven't already made the leap to Java 5.0, you'll want to at least update the version you're using. The just-released versions 1.4.2_06 and 1.3.1_13 plug a security hole in the Java Plug-In for Windows, Linux, and Solaris, whereby a malicious

  • The Java Regex API Explained 2005-02-01

    It was a long time coming, but the java.util.regex package was a significant and hugely useful addition to Java 1.4. For Web developers constantly dealing with text-based content, this represents a major productivity and efficiency boost. Java regula

  • Java for Mobile Phones: The Next Generation 2005-03-28

    The Java Community Process (JCP) has approved initial plans to develop the Mobile Information Device Profile 3.0 (MIDP3), a new version of the standard that regulates Java applications and games on mobile phones. Though the standard is still at the v

  • Java 6 'Mustang' New Desktop Features Announced 2005-04-25

    A bit slow off the mark on this one, but an Australian long weekend will do that, I guess. Sun has published an article detailing the new desktop features it is working on for the next major release of Java, codenamed "Mustang". As with the publ

  • Java 5 1.5.0_03 released 2005-05-03

    I wish Sun would announce new Java releases someplace. Release dates in the documentation would be nice too- In any case, Java 5.0 version 1.5.0_03 is now available for download. Among the amusingly catastrophic-sounding bugs listed as fixed in the r

  • DWR is AJAX for Java

    DWR is AJAX for Java 2005-05-03

    Java and JavaScript. Such similar names, but the technologies they refer to are worlds apart- or at least they were until now. The technique of remote scripting enables JavaScript code running in a Web browser to do things on the Web server and displ

  • The Grand Tour: A crash course in Java-less JSP 2005-05-22

    It's time to take the Java out of JavaServer Pages. In the last instalment of my "Grand Tour" of Java Web application technology, we split our to-do list Web application into three parts: the model, classes that manage the data at the heart of o


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