• JavaScript 101 - Part 3

    JavaScript 101 - Part 3 2001-06-28

    In the first two parts of this introductory series on JavaScript, we explored the general elements that make up the language, and put them to some practical, if simple uses. The unfortunate reality of these examples, however, has been that they could

  • JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming Part 1 2001-07-19

    This article was written in 2001 and still remains one of our most popular posts. If you're keen to learn more about JavaScript, you may find this recent article on TypeScript of great interest. It may be shocking news, but JavaScript is a very power

  • JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming Part 2 Article 2001-07-24

    In Part 1 of this series, we covered objects, object methods, and object categories. Now, let's move on. Arguments In every function, a private variable - argument - is automatically created, holding an array of the arguments passed to the function.

  • Add JavaScript to Fireworks

    Add JavaScript to Fireworks 2001-09-14

    "Can you give it a little more- I don't know- pizazz?" Heard this before? How often does a client walk in, see a Website composition, and though they like what they see, they feel that it needs a little more? And how often have you heard the que

  • Manipulate Scrollbar Colors Using CSS and JavaScript Article 2002-01-16

    The thing about the default color of scrollbars is that it's dull and ugly - usually this color is gray. Wouldn't it be nice to change this color to better fit the overall theme of your site? Luckily, Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript can be used

  • Dr Design - Javascript to PHP 2002-10-12

    The waiting room is full! Join the queue - and the Good Dr. Design will see you next time! But for now, he's rolling up his sleeves and lending a hand to today's patients- Dream Rollovers Hi! Can you tell me why all the rollovers that I make in Dream

  • Read and Display Server-Side XML with JavaScript Article

    Read and Display Server-Side XML with JavaScript Article 2003-01-08

    XML is a very important base on which Web Services work, and, in conjunction with a number of client- and server-side languages, can be put to good effect. Let's see how we can use XML and client side JavaScript to display the contents of a XML file,

  • Build a Dynamic Menu in JavaScript Article

    Build a Dynamic Menu in JavaScript Article 2003-02-03

    Here, we're not talking about DHTML drop-down/pull-down menus. Here, we're talking about a simple navigation menu using Javascript. It identifies the active page, and accordingly displays that link differently from the other links, making it easy for

  • Simulate a Windows-like Button Using JavaScript 2003-02-11

    Have you ever seen these fancy custom graphic buttons on a Website? Have you ever wondered how they're done? Well, the truth is that implementing them isn't hard! Today, we're going to use the HTML <img> tag and JavaScript to accomplish this effect.

  • Re-Write a Layer's Content with Javascript 2003-02-12

    One of the most common tasks Web developers face every day is to change the content of a Web page, without additional requests to the Web server. The easiest way to accomplish this assignment is through the use of layers. Here, I'll show you how to r

  • Rethinking JavaScript Objects 2003-08-05

    Any developer that has worked with JavaScript for any amount of time is familiar with the arduous task of creating custom JavaScript objects. Coming from a background in Java, I've spent many hours trying to figure out how to make JavaScript objects

  • Skinny JavaScript -- Fast! 2003-11-28

    JavaScript programs launched from your Web browser's favorite bookmarks can achieve amazing special effects. You can enlarge fonts, change colors, and even reveal hidden form field values. These "bookmarklets" can be as long as 2000 characters i

  • Enhancing Structural Markup with JavaScript 2003-12-10

    Just a few years ago, the key skill involved in writing HTML was knowing enough table tricks to persuade the two major browsers to do more or less what you wanted them to. The modern Web is a very different beast, where the quality of your markup is

  • Make Internal Links Scroll Smoothly with JavaScript 2003-12-15

    When they're navigating through a long document, users often are confused or disoriented when they click a link that jumps to another location in that same document. Are they on the same page, or a different page? Should they scroll more from here? W

  • XML and JavaScript in Mozilla

    XML and JavaScript in Mozilla 2004-01-07

    In my article, "Read and Display Server-Side XML with JavaScript", I discussed the manipulation of XML files using JavaScript in Microsoft Internet Explorer. In this article, I'll explain how to read and use XML file data using JavaScript in Moz

  • Line endings in Javascript 2004-02-16

    I spent much of today fighting with line endings in Javascript, and eventually turned up some results which are well worth sharing – if only to save other developers from descending in to the same debugging black hole. As you may know, the humble lin

  • Hacking CMS output with Javascript 2004-02-23

    In Fixing CMS usability issues with Javascript, Nathan Ashby-Kuhlman shares some of the tricks he has been using to get around the restrictions introduced by the content management system used to power his employer's site. This is an interesting use

  • Drag and drop with Javascript 2004-03-31

    Walter Zorn's Drag & Drop is a DHTML API which makes it easy to add extensive drag and drop functionality to any element on a page. The API supports dragging and resizing and also provides Javascript methods for programmatically moving and resizing e

  • Enhancing Javascript's built in types 2004-04-08

    Javascript is often falsely derided as a simple language, devoid of the object oriented features so favoured by other modern scripting languages. People holding this opinion really need to take another look at the language, for beneath its beginner f

  • Javascript and Security 2004-04-19

    Dori Smith has a great entry on her Javascript Weblog about using Javascript to secure pages of her site. She argues that Javascript really isn't the right tool for the job, and I completely agree with her. However, it is possible to yse Javascript t


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