• JSON-P output with Rails 2006-10-05

    At the recent Web Directions 06 conference Cameron Adams and Sitepoint's own Kevin Yank gave a talk on Mashups and APIs, with a mention of JSON-P. JSON-P is a method of wrapping the JSON output of your API calls to allow other developers to call your

  • Using JSON for Language-independent Configuration Files 2008-08-21

    The growing availability of JSON parsing in server-side frameworks elevates the usefulness of JavaScript beyond client-side programming, to providing base syntax for a generalized data interchange format. Well duh. But a not-immediately-obvious advan

  • || Upload images using Json - fake path 2008-10-03

    I would like to upload a file asynchronously with jQuery. This is my HTML: <span>File</span> <input type="file" id="file" name="file" size="10"/> <input id="uploadbutton" type="bu

    Tags: javascript, jquery, ajax, asynchronous, upload
  • Parse date with JSON using handlebars 2008-10-15

    I'm taking my first crack at Ajax with jQuery. I'm getting my data onto my page, but I'm having some trouble with the JSON data that is returned for Date data types. Basically, I'm getting a string back that looks like this: /Date(1224043200000)/ Fro

    Tags: jquery, ajax, asp.net, json
  • How to convert json time to regular date/time?

    How to convert json time to regular date/time? 2009-04-07

    I have a controller action that effectively simply returns a JsonResult of my model. So, in my method I have something like the following: return new JsonResult(myModel); This works well, except for one problem. There is a date property in the model

    Tags: javascript, json, asp.net mvc
  • Make Your Own Web Site Badges with jQuery and JSON

    Make Your Own Web Site Badges with jQuery and JSON 2009-04-21

    Services like Flickr, Delicious, and Twitter all offer JavaScript badges or widgets you can add to your site. But if you already use a JavaScript framework on your site, like jQuery, why would you want to add more JavaScript? Besides, it's more fun t

  • How to create JSON string in C# 2009-06-29

    I just used the XmlWriter to create some XML to send back in an HTTP response. How would you create a JSON string. I assume you would just use a stringbuilder to build the JSON string and them format your response as JSON? --------------Solutions----

    Tags: asp.net, json
  • $.get() on JSON file returns weird object Vs $.getJSON() 2009-07-03

    Is there really a difference in these two calls? If you use getJSON, you still have to declare format=json in the url... And you can do the same in $.get(), and iterate through the JSON-object. Or am I way off here? --------------Solutions-----------

    Tags: jquery, ajax, json
  • Cross-browser JSON Serialization in JavaScript

    Cross-browser JSON Serialization in JavaScript 2009-08-19

    In this article we will examine the benefits of object serialization, the current browser implementations, and develop some code that could help your Ajax-based projects. Assume we have a fairly complex JavaScript object defined using literal notatio

  • Is there an extension to reindent JSON in Notepad++? 2009-10-13

    I need Notepad++ to take a json string from this {"menu": {"id": "file","value": "File","popup": {"menuitem": [{"value": "New", "onclick": "CreateNewD

    Tags: json, notepad++
  • Google Chrome Plugin for JSON Reading 2009-11-19

    Is there a Chrome plugin that renders JSON files in Chrome? Currently Chrome just tries to download them, and that's kind of boring. --------------Solutions------------- Apparently, some time ago someone asked how to build such an extension on the Ch

    Tags: google chrome, json, plugins
  • JSON.parse vs. eval() 2009-12-03

    My Spider Sense warns me that using eval() to parse incoming JSON is a bad idea. I'm just wondering if JSON.parse() - which I assume is a part of JavaScript and not a browser-specific function - is more secure. --------------Solutions------------- Yo

    Tags: javascript, json
  • How can I get JSON from Nginx Autoindex? 2010-03-17

    How can I modify to Nginx's autoindex so that it will generate a JSON version of the index instead of HTML? Or is there a module that already does that? I want to have this; http://u.kodingen.com/ClrG Instead of; http://u.kodingen.com/Cls2N This blog

    Tags: nginx
  • Is it possible to parse .json structure? in JAVA (currently using netbeans) 2010-04-07

    I have the following JSON text that I need to parse to get pageName, pagePic, post_id, etc. What is the required code? { "pageInfo": { "pageName": "abc", "pagePic": "http://example.com/content.jpg" } "

    Tags: java, json, parsing
  • How do I do this in my Django URLs? (.json, .xml) 2010-04-11

    Suppose this is my URL route: (r'^test/?$','hello.life.views.test'), How do I make it so that people can do .json, .xml, and it would pass a variable to my views.test, so that I know to make json or xml? --------------Solutions------------- to add to

    Tags: python, http, json, url, django
  • Why does Google prepend while(1); to their JSON responses? 2010-04-19

    Why does Google prepend while(1); to their (private) JSON responses? For example, here's a response while turning a calendar on and off in Google Calendar: while(1);[['u',[['smsSentFlag','false'],['hideInvitations','false'], ['remindOnRespondedEvents

    Tags: javascript, ajax, json
  • Which CMS for a mobile app? No HTML, just XML or JSON 2010-06-12

    I am a newbie in content management systems. I would need a CMS that can transfer content by XML or JSON to a client. It is ok if the CMS can also manage HTML websites, but the priority is on the data transfer over a web service. Which is the best CM

    Tags: web services, xml, json, cms
  • Import json data into Excel 2010-07-08

    I have a text file in json format and want to read it into Excel. A very simplified example of the json file has the following structure: { [ { 'a': 10, 'b': 20 }, { 'a': 20, 'b': 22 }, { 'a': 11, 'b': 24 } ] } I want to convert it to Excel in which

    Tags: microsoft excel, json, parsing, vba
  • Json viewer for mac 2010-09-22

    Does anyone know a good free Json viewer for mac? I just want to be able to see the data organised a bit better then one long piece of text --------------Solutions------------- You could use this add-on for Firefox : JSONView Normally when encounteri

    Tags: osx
  • Where is ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Tasks.Utils.JSON documentation? 2010-10-07

    I'm using the WPF assemblies from the freely downloadable ESRI WPF/Silverlight 2.0 SDK. As I type in a "using" statement in visual studio, I can use intellisense to expand out into: using ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Tasks.Utils.JSON; However, I don't see

    Tags: wpf, arcgis server, esri

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