• JSP Quick-Start Guide for Linux 2003-02-17

    JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a server-side technology that allows developers to create Web-based applications that can make use of components that are developed in the Java programming language, according to the JavaBeans specification. In some respects

  • Secure Your Linux Server 2003-06-17

    The Linux Operating System is one of the most stable and diverse OS's around. It's also one of the most popular servers in the world, thanks to its stability, process handling and developer dedication. No matter what you're planning to do with Linux,

  • PDF's, Linux and the Web 2004-03-23

    Regardless if the use of pdf's is considered useful for your site visitors or cumbersome, they are a part of the everyday web. Often this is the most functional method for distributing complex documents to any platform. If your Linux workstation or s

  • Security Enhanced Linux 2004-03-30

    Operating system security is (or at least should be) of critical importance to us all. However, the varying levels of security required differ for each systems administrator. For those who seek enhanced, tightened security control over their Linux sy

  • Tune Your Linux Server 2004-04-04

    Tuning your Linux server can mean many things to many people. A portion of tuning is about security, insuring the configurations of the ftp, mail, ssh and web servers are properly setup to enable access and interaction with your server while tighteni

  • Testing the Waters with Linux 2004-04-11

    If you are new to Linux, need a test environment or do not want to setup dual-booting on your primary workstation, there is an easy way to build a Linux server. Simply uncover some retired hardware. Many users, including this author, continue to load

  • Linux Not Just SkunkWorks 2004-05-18

    A recently released study by Forrester Research, Linux Crosses Into Mission-Critical Apps, shows Linux is now widely considered mainstream at some of the largest companies in North America. For years, Linux was introduced at many companies in the sku

  • Use Webmin for Linux Administration, Parts 1 and 2

    Use Webmin for Linux Administration, Parts 1 and 2 2004-06-08

    Administering Linux and Unix-based servers does not need to be the scourge of your work day. With a handy tool called Webmin as part of your arsenal, you can regain complete control of your servers via the Web browser. This is a two-part series. In t

  • Soup to Nuts: Tips for Linux, MySQL and more 2004-06-14

    I stumbled across a fantastic project at Sourceforge this morning via Souptonuts is a repository of tips and techniques covering numerous topics from the Linux kernel to MySQL and across the programming and platform spectrum. The MySQ

  • User Mode Linux Day 0 2004-08-03

    OK – finally getting round to a hosted User Mode Linux (UML) account. Have picked a provider and the wheels are in motion- Why UML vs. dedicated server? First the "economics" generally look better. Also, within a virtual server, I should truly b

  • Profile of the new Linux User 2004-08-10

    Tom Adelstein writes an interesting piece on New Linux users changing the face of community which leads me to a rambling, late night blog. While talking to Jules (sorry but finally decided the full transcript isn't going to happen – should have taken

  • Portable Linux Virtual Machines 2004-10-24

    Quite the buzz is building over the technology preview released by MetroPipe. This package runs on Damnsmall Linux and uses QEMU (a CPU emulator). Essentially an Internet communication system, it can run entirely on a USB mini-drive key (128 MB) and

  • Windows on Mac and Office on Linux 2004-12-07

    A recent development project has put me in a position to be shifting back and forth across OS platforms (thank goodness for KVM switches). It is not really a big deal however since it is one keyboard, mouse and monitor, I simply prefer to work with o

  • Alien Package Converter for Linux 2005-02-07

    I recently stumbled across a very useful utility that was sorely missing from my system administration toolset. Alien package converter, which I discovered thanks to a Jeremy Garcia article in Linux Magazine, is a powerful little application that con

  • Linux System Administrator's Schedule 2005-02-20

    My recent post on benchmarking Linux system security generated a question about my procedures for maintaining Linux system health. Aside from some specific procedures based on special needs of some clients, I have noted a few odd tasks and then broke

  • Review: Linux Server Security 2005-02-22

    Staying on my current security theme, O'Reilly has published a second edition of Linux Server Security by Michael D. Bauer. The book, targeted toward those managing Internet-connected systems, also known as bastion hosts, packs a powerful arsenal of

  • OpenBSD versus Linux, Gentoo meets Microsoft 2005-06-17

    OpenBSD founder Theo de Raadt has gone on the record in an interview with Forbes Magazine, slashing at Linux and Linus Torvald's oversight of the OS as low in quality. Raadt also does not care for the likes of IBM, HP, Sun and others garnering profit

  • Intro Glossary to Linux Distributions 2005-06-20

    Kudos to Martin Ferretti, a stockbroker by day and web junkie by night, has rolled out a nice starter guide to the major and some minor Linux distributions. That not to mention that his site also broadly serves as a resource to many other tools avail

  • Microsoft's Linux Lab? 2005-08-30

    ZDNetAsia ran an interesting article earlier this month that reflects a somewhat more mature view of open source internally at Microsoft. It is obvious that a scorched earth policy on open source will not work for Microsoft, as they have discovered a

  • Fire Up your own Linux Server

    Fire Up your own Linux Server 2006-01-11

    Installing a Linux distribution can be both exhilarating and frustrating. My first two attempts at Linux installs – the first in 1996, the second in 1997 – were unsuccessful. Installation routines and hardware support in Linux at the time were much l


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