• Interview - Jeffrey Zeldman of A List Apart 2002-05-08

    There comes a time in every man's life when he just wants to wet himself. Sorry, it's true; it's like some weird obsessive compulsive thing. More often then not it happens at the weirdest moment. For me, it happened one week ago while talking to my w

  • Dr. Design's Definitive Design Links List 2002-06-28

    Looking for something? A font? Some stock photos? Maybe a tutorial or two? Then you've come to the right place! Created and maintained by our own Community members, these lists of tried and true sites contain only the best and most useful resources.

  • The Freelancer's Holiday Season To-Do List 2002-12-07

    Round the world, the holiday season is upon us. If you're in retail or ecommerce, this time of year is your bread and butter, with up to 40% of total annual revenues rolling in over just a few short weeks. Other businesses slow to a crawl and even cl

  • Introduction to Data Structures in ColdFusion Part III - Lists 2004-01-25

    In the past two articles, we've discussed some of the more complex data structures in ColdFusion. While arrays and structs are extremely useful for very specific tasks, you'll probably find yourself using lists more often. Fortunately, lists are extr

  • Who is on your Must-Know List? 2004-09-27 In the above blog, gilbertglee asks about the types of people a web designer should contact in order to have a powerful network of contacts. That's an important question. Every web design

  • Win Back Top Listing! Protect Your Business Identity in the Search Engines 2004-11-29

    Companies go to great lengths to establish their corporate identities through marketing, advertisements, promotions, search engine positioning, and other means. And, as with any success, it may well happen that criticism follows. In the process of do

  • Lists that don't look like lists 2004-12-01

    Russ Weakley, author of the impressive Listamatic CSS demonstration, recently received an interesting challenge to create a TV remote control navigation bar using CSS. The anonymous challenger argued that this exampled disproved Russ's assertion that

  • When is a list not a list? 2005-02-16

    I think web page semantics are a relatively flat discussion topic. What can you say? If you believe that giving your pages meaningful structure is valuable, you do just it. Markup is something you do to inject more information into a document. There'

  • Lists of things to know 2005-06-23

    Christian Heilmann has been busy making lists; six JavaScript features we do not need any longer and DOM scripting health and safety tips. There's a lot of bad practice out there. Readers of this weblog, being the sensitive and handsome people that y

  • IE7 Beta 2 fix list posted 2005-08-01

    Chris Wilson, lead program manager for the Internet Explorer web platform, posted yesterday with a list of bugs that have already been fixed in preparation for IE7 Beta 2. Here's the list (with links to full descriptions on PositionIsEverything and Q

  • Django Djumpstart: Build a To-do List in 30 Minutes

    Django Djumpstart: Build a To-do List in 30 Minutes 2006-10-11

    Being a web developer isn't always exciting. There are lots of tedious things you end up doing over and over again: writing code to talk to a database, writing code to handle page templating, writing an administrative interface - Sooner or later you

  • Use AJAX and PHP to Build your Mailing List 2006-11-01

    An elegantly designed site filled with engaging content is worth very little without an interested audience. An opt-in mailing list is one of the most effective methods of making contact with your audience and driving repeat traffic to your site. If

  • Walk on AIR: Create a To-do List in Five Minutes

    Walk on AIR: Create a To-do List in Five Minutes 2008-06-13

    This is the winning article from the recent competition we ran to promote Adobe AIR articles on The Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) is quite a hot topic among web developers. And well it might be! With AIR, Adobe's new desktop-based web

  • In C#, how can an object that's inside a List itself know what index it is in the list 2008-09-04

    Is there some rare language construct I haven't encountered (like the few I've learned recently, some on Stack Overflow) in C# to get a value representing the current iteration of a foreach loop? For instance, I currently do something like this depen

    Tags: foreach
  • How do you list all processes on the command line in Windows? 2008-09-10

    Is there a command equivalent to 'ps' on Unix that can list all processes on a Windows machine? --------------Solutions------------- Working with cmd.exe: tasklist If you have Powershell: get-process Via WMI: wmic process (you can query remote machin

    Tags: command line, windows
  • Windows XP: Clean up the Explorer New context menu list 2008-09-10

    The Explorer right click > New menu has a bunch of file formats I never use that installed apps added. I usually use this just for creating new folders, shortcuts, and text documents. How do I clean up this list? --------------Solutions-------------

    Tags: windows xp, windows explorer, context menu
  • Combining two lists with multiple values to a dictionary 2008-10-16

    Imagine that you have: keys = ('name', 'age', 'food') values = ('Monty', 42, 'spam') What is the simplest way to produce the following dictionary ? dict = {'name' : 'Monty', 'age' : 42, 'food' : 'spam'} This code works, but I'm not really proud of it

    Tags: dictionary, python
  • Json list is throwing null pointer exception in the recyler adapter when the list is null 2008-10-20

    What are Null Pointer Exceptions (java.lang.NullPointerException) and what causes them? What methods/tools can be used to determine the cause so that you stop the exception from causing the program to terminate prematurely? --------------Solutions---

    Tags: java, nullpointerexception
  • How to delete record from sqlite db and list on delete button click on listview. I am having nullpointer exception 2008-10-20

    What are Null Pointer Exceptions (java.lang.NullPointerException) and what causes them? What methods/tools can be used to determine the cause so that you stop the exception from causing the program to terminate prematurely? --------------Solutions---

    Tags: java, nullpointerexception
  • Python creating pointers when multiplying lists?

    Python creating pointers when multiplying lists? 2008-10-27

    I needed to create a list of lists in Python, so I typed the following: myList = [[1] * 4] * 3 The list looked like this: [[1, 1, 1, 1], [1, 1, 1, 1], [1, 1, 1, 1]] Then I changed one of the innermost values: myList[0][0] = 5 Now my list looks like t

    Tags: python, list, nested lists, mutable

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