• XML and Web Services for Microsoft Developers - Part 1

    XML and Web Services for Microsoft Developers - Part 1 2002-11-29

    Microsoft's Internet Explorer version 4.0 was the first Web browser to support XML. Since then XML support has been introduced in various Microsoft products, such as Office XP and SQL Server 2000. Microsoft re-assured its commitment by including exte

  • Review - Microsoft Visio Professional 2002 2003-01-13

    The term "Business Diagrams" can mean literally hundreds of things. It can be an intricate organizational plan – or a simple drawing. But whatever it is, it usually increases productivity and gets everyone on the same page. Microsoft Visio Profe

  • Review â€" Microsoft FrontPage 2002

    Review â€" Microsoft FrontPage 2002 2003-02-12

    "No real professional uses FrontPage." This is a common belief held by many "Internet professionals," but is it really true? Many FrontPage users face the overwhelming perception that if they use FrontPage, they can't be a "real p

  • Review - Microsoft Project Standard 2002

    Review - Microsoft Project Standard 2002 2003-04-14

    Project management can help increase the productivity of small companies (with at least a few employees), as well as mid-sized and large businesses. Microsoft Project 2002 is one of the top products on the market for project management, but is it rig

  • Stored Procedures on PHP and Microsoft SQL Server 2003-11-26

    Though it's not as common a combination as PHP and MySQL, PHP and Microsoft SQL Server can be a powerful team. You can query SQL Server databases easily and effectively using the PEAR database abstraction layer, just as you would a MySQL database. Bu

  • Microsoft on Sourceforge 2004-04-27

    In early April Microsoft quietly released its first open source project, WIX, on Sourceforge. WIX, according to the project page, "The Windows Installer XML (WiX) is a toolset that builds Windows installation packages from XML source code. The toolse

  • Open Source and Microsoft 2005-03-16

    I've been knee deep in Mono for the past month or so, and I'm very impressed with its features and compatibility with Microsoft's version. I like the idea of my C# skills being transferrable to a whole new set of operating systems, but I'm still a bi

  • Microsoft releases Acrylic beta

    Microsoft releases Acrylic beta 2005-06-14

    A few weeks back we were pondering what ever happened to 'Creature House's Expression' after Microsoft assimilated it 18 months ago. There was some talk about an upcoming beta, but in the software business the 'upcoming beta' can often be akin to the

  • OpenBSD versus Linux, Gentoo meets Microsoft 2005-06-17

    OpenBSD founder Theo de Raadt has gone on the record in an interview with Forbes Magazine, slashing at Linux and Linus Torvald's oversight of the OS as low in quality. Raadt also does not care for the likes of IBM, HP, Sun and others garnering profit

  • Atlas: Microsoft's Ajax toolkit 2005-06-28

    Microsoft are putting together a toolkit for doing Ajax things, called Atlas. It looks like it'll be an ASP.NET 2.0 thing, according to Scott Guthrie from Microsoft. Reassuringly, he says "the Atlas Client Script Framework will work on all modern bro

  • Microsoft launches Virtual Earth 2005-07-25

    Microsoft's new Virtual Earth was launched today in Beta form. Though sooner than expected, this launch is an apparent response to Google's new Hybrid View in its competing Google Maps service, which trumps the labelled aerial photo feature that had

  • Microsoft releases second Acrylic preview 2005-08-19

    Microsoft has posted the second pre-release version of Acrylic, the powerful but difficult-to-use vector/raster drawing application that is the successor to Creature House Expression. In addition to significant performance improvements and a few new

  • Microsoft's Linux Lab? 2005-08-30

    ZDNetAsia ran an interesting article earlier this month that reflects a somewhat more mature view of open source internally at Microsoft. It is obvious that a scorched earth policy on open source will not work for Microsoft, as they have discovered a

  • Microsoft backs off XHTML support in Whidbey 2005-09-01

    (Via InfoWorld) In an article at the ASP.NET Developer Center, Microsoft outlines significant changes between the current Beta 2 release of ASP.NET 2.0 (codename Whidbey) and the final Release to Manufacturing (RTM) version due to ship in November. T

  • Microsoft says: de-hack your CSS 2005-10-13

    The IEBlog has appealed to Web designers to ask them to do away with a number of hacks that are commonly used to apply CSS formatting in Internet Explorer only. These are the most common hacks in question: html > body details * html details head:firs

  • Pro::PHP Webcast meets Microsoft 2006-03-11

    Marcus Whitney handled another podcast very coolly last Friday with Microsoft – Brian Goldfarb and Joe Stagner, covering their cross training strategy – – and what they're doing to smooth rough edges with PHP on Windows, as

  • Microsoft's Web Standards Motivations 2006-05-19

    Though there is still a long road to travel before we get adequate support for web standards in Internet Explorer, Microsoft has started down that road again with the upcoming release of Internet Explorer 7. As a result, organizations like the Web St

  • Uniting Microsoft Technologies with ColdFusion 2006-07-02

    I had the opportunity to attend CFUnited on Friday. Now, in previous years I would have not attended the event (save some of the parties), but things changed a lot this year. In a major change of tack, Microsoft had a major presence at the conference

  • Will Microsoft Subsume Open Source? 2006-07-27

    So I was planning on making a nice, short, Microsoft Fanboy-style post about how it is pretty much official that the production version of ASP.NET Atlas will be released in 2006. But, unfortunately, today became a very sad day in the .NET world. Kevi

  • News Wire: Microsoft to Tackle PHP 2006-11-04

    Feeling validated The W3C recently removed the ability to view the document outline (including heading structure) from its HTML validator. It turns out this useful feature is now available as a part of the little-known semantic data extractor tool, a


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