• jQuery is better than Mootools! (12 Reasons)

    jQuery is better than Mootools! (12 Reasons) 2011-02-16

    This post is now outdated, It has been kept here for entertainment purposes only. Overview Both jQuery and Mootools are JavaScript Development Packages that provide functions to make the writing of JavaScript code easier, faster and more efficient. B

    Tags: jquery better mootools
  • How can I use Mootools with Drupal 6? 2011-11-03

    I am looking for a way to use Mootools with Drupal 6, without disabling jQuery, of course. --------------Solutions------------- You will need to load JQuery in "noConflict mode" or MooTools in "Dollar Safe mode"; your best bet is to us

    Tags: javascript
  • 10 jQuery, Mootools, Prototype Lightbox Scripts

    10 jQuery, Mootools, Prototype Lightbox Scripts 2011-11-24

    In today's post we have included lightbox scripts/plugins from several JavaScript libraries: jQuery, MooTools, Prototype. These stylish lightbox scripts/plugins can display the pop-up block (modal windows, overlays) of single images, web image galler

    Tags: jquery4u
  • Is mootools alternative of jquery + backbone / spine / sprouteCore 2012-02-22

    I was a full time java developer, now I'm also working with JavaScript and Android. A couple of years back when I started learning JavaScript, the first library I tried was jQuery. But it made my life harder, and after sometime I started writing fair

    Tags: javascript, jquery, mootools
  • is it safe to use jQuery and MooTools together? 2012-09-21

    I just need to know is it safe to use jQuery and MooTools Together in one web framework? I am not trying create application using both of them, but I am in a situation where I need to modify mootool based application framework, so I am used to jquery

    Tags: javascript, jquery, mootools
  • Getting Started with MooTools 2012-10-29

    This tutorial introduces one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks today, MooTools. MooTools, which stands for My Object Oriented Tools, is compatible with Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox, Opera and Chrome. MooTools is designed to be compact, modul

    Tags: mootools
  • Blip Slideshow plug in Mootools/jQuery conflict 2013-05-05

    This particular site uses the Blip Slideshow plug in (because it's fed by a Picasa web rss feed) and also a jQuery powered slider. The plug in inserts the Mootools script links ahead of the jQuery ones in the header which breaks the slider. I can pus

    Tags: jquery
  • Mootools, Wordpress, Print Nuke problems 2015-04-16

    I am wanting to implement a code for eliminating unwanted DIV's during printing that I found here: I got this working correctly in a regular HTML file but cannot get it working in wordpress. I

    Tags: javascript, css, wp enqueue script
  • Implementing a new event in an old mootools version 2015-06-17

    I'm emulating a little bit the .on() from jQuery in an old Mootools version. One of the project requirements is that Mootools can't (shouldn't) be upgraded (using version 1.2.x). Basically I'm checking the element itself and its two closest ancestors

    Tags: javascript, mootools
  • Mootools ajax cors request 2016-01-18

    I have the following code on sender's script: function sentMessage(array,siteName) { var myRequest; var myRequest1; var domainArray = array; var siteName = siteName; myRequest = new Request({ url: 'http : / / 1 2 7 . 0 . 0 . 1 / j o o m l a _ 3 . 4 .

    Tags: ajax, cors, mootools
  • Google Map API v3 and Joomla Mootools Conflict

    Google Map API v3 and Joomla Mootools Conflict 2016-01-20

    I have upgraded to Google Map API v3 today and started to get mootool-core.js error. Please have a look at my site and code below. Any help would be appreciated. Website Link <script> function initMap() { var geocoder = new google.maps.Geocoder(); v

    Tags: javascript, joomla, google maps api 3, mootools
  • Convert Mootools javascript function to JQuery function 2016-02-03

    I don't have much idea for mootools so I want to convert my mootools script function to jQuery. So if you provide help me for one function then I will do for others. This is my Mootools function. showMore: function(event) { if (!$defined(event) || !$

    Tags: javascript, jquery, mootools
  • Sep 13, 2006 News Wire 2006-09-14

    Mootools JavaScript Library Released A superset of the famously tiny moo.fx library for JavaScript-powered effects, mootools adds features found in more complete libraries like Mootools is still impressively small, and tends to give

  • News Wire: The Future of HTML and IE 2006-11-09

    Pyjamas: Pythons answer to GWT Just as the Google Web Toolkit lets you write JavaScript-powered web UIs by writing Java code, Pyjamas lets you write JavaScript-powered web UIs by writing Python code. Still early days for this framework, but worth a l

  • News Wire: Liquid vs. Fixed 2006-12-06

    Resolution vs. browser size vs. fixed or adaptive width An excellent collection of links to the current thinking on fixed width vs fluid width layouts (and the grey areas in between). (tags: css design usability) IE expressions ignore CSS media types

  • News Wire: "Flash Killer" WPF/E Preview 2006-12-08

    Anatomy of a Drag and Drop An enlightening breakdown of just what makes a JavaScript-powered drag-and-drop effect work, and how the implementations of the major JavaScript libraries (, YUI, and mootools) differ from one another. (tags:

  • Simply JavaScript: The Three Layers of the Web

    Simply JavaScript: The Three Layers of the Web 2007-06-27

    "Once upon a time, there was - 'A king!' my little readers will say right away. No, children, you are wrong. Once upon a time there was a piece of wood -" -The Adventures of Pinocchio You can do a lot without JavaScript. Using Hypertext Markup L

  • News Wire: The Business Case for Web Standards 2007-06-28

    Instant.js (now with IE 6/7 support) Exploiting the dynamic graphics features of current browsers (e.g. the canvas element), instant.js (along with corner.js, glossy.js, and loupe.js) adds special effects to images on your page that you can configure

  • Serve JavaScript Frameworks Faster with the Google AJAX Libraries API 2008-05-28

    Google has announced an extension to their Google AJAX APIs service: the AJAX Library APIs. They've assembled a collection of the most common JavaScript libraries and made them available on their content delivery network. A common criticism leveled a

  • Google Adds Search Volume to Keyword Tool

    Google Adds Search Volume to Keyword Tool 2008-07-10

    Google announced yesterday evening that it was adding search volume numbers to its AdWords Keyword Tool. In addition to suggesting related keywords, the tool now includes the approximate number of monthly search queries for each keyword with sufficie


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