• Optimizing your MySQL Application

    Optimizing your MySQL Application 2001-05-21

    So you've finished reading Kevin Yank's article Building a Database-Driven Web Site Using PHP and MySQL, and you're happily databasing your site, when it starts to slow down. You need to get your site zipping along again before your host threatens to

  • Access your MySQL Database with Perl 2001-08-30

    One of the most common Perl-related questions at the SitePoint Forums is, "How do I access my database with Perl?" Perl can work with nearly every type of database on the market, but today I'll use MySQL as an example. For the purposes of this d

  • Migrate your site from MySQL to PostgreSQL -- Part 1 2001-10-09

    When my site, Design Harbor, started up (then as Abscissa Tech), there was one sensible choice for a PHP-driven, database-backed Website: MySQL. Then, in the summer of 2001, I ported the site to PostgreSQL (also known simply as Postgres) and haven't

  • Migrate your site from MySQL to PostgreSQL -- Part 2 2001-10-10

    In June 2001, I switched my Website's back-end database from MySQL to PostgreSQL. It only took me a day. Since that time, Postgres has worked flawlessly, confirming that I made the right choice. In the first tutorial in this series, I explained how t

  • Moving Beyond MySQL - High End Database Solutions 2001-10-10

    These days everyone's building database driven Websites. A few years ago this was the main luxury of search engines, portals and the sites of large companies like Microsoft. But now, as the popularity of MySQL grows, database driven sites have become

  • Give me back my MySQL Command Line!

    Give me back my MySQL Command Line! 2001-12-07

    One of the essential skills you must acquire to become proficient in the development of PHP/MySQL driven websites is a good understanding of Structured Query Language (SQL). In Chapter 2 of my article series, Build your own Database Driven Website us

  • Managing Users with PHP Sessions and MySQL

    Managing Users with PHP Sessions and MySQL 2003-06-14

    This article was written in 2009 and remains one of our most popular posts. If you're keen to learn more about PHP and MySQL, you may find this recent article on administering MySQL of great interest. NOTE: This article has been newly updated to work

  • The PHP Anthology Volume I, Chapter 3 - PHP and MySQL 2004-01-19

    On the Web today, content is king. –Kevin Yank In the "old days" of the Internet, most Web pages were nothing more than text files containing HTML. When people surfed to your site, your Web server simply made the file available to their browser,

  • New MySQL GUI Administration Tool 2004-02-06

    Frequent discussion in the forums revolves around administering and interacting with MySQL servers. This new tool forthcoming from MySQL is slated to be the most powerful yet. According to MySQL's web site, this administration tool will include the a

  • Synchronize MySQL Data Using SQLyog Job Agent

    Synchronize MySQL Data Using SQLyog Job Agent 2004-02-09

    As MySQL developers, we are often required to keep two databases in complete sync with one another. For example, imagine a client's Web store data is stored in his ISP's MySQL server, and he needs to make a local backup of the data every day. This ca

  • Installing New MySQL Admin 2004-03-04

    The new [URL=]MySQL Administrator[/URL] is looking to be more robust and very enterprise friendly with its tools for managing multiple database servers, replication and disaster recovery tools. Get

  • MySQL Evolves into Big Iron 2004-04-14

    Often the premium database providers used by web developers (among many others) are called "big iron" for their sheer capacity and scale. These would be IBM DB2, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server (and possibly Sybase). MySQL is now joining their r

  • The MySQL Roadmap â€" What's Planned? 2004-05-21

    MySQL has long been known as the Web developers' database platform. In fact, for many years, it was considered the stepchild of "real" relational database systems such as IBM's DB2, Oracle and Microsoft's SQL Server. However, in recent years, My

  • Soup to Nuts: Tips for Linux, MySQL and more 2004-06-14

    I stumbled across a fantastic project at Sourceforge this morning via Souptonuts is a repository of tips and techniques covering numerous topics from the Linux kernel to MySQL and across the programming and platform spectrum. The MySQ

  • Interview with MySQL on OSNews 2004-06-21

    There is a brief q & a with MySQL's Senior Product Manager, Alex Roedling, on The interview answers some questions on MySQL's dual licensing and how they address non-GPL'd software, sets some release dates for version 5 and also sheds som

  • Monitoring MySQL with MyTop 2004-07-30

    This handy little utility was passed on to me by a developer friend and it works much like the standard Linux 'top' command does. MyTop, developed and administered by Jeremy Zawodny, runs from the command line and provides performance monitoring for

  • MySQL 3 to 4 Migration in the Real World 2004-09-29

    There are all manner of whitepapers and architecture documents on the features and benefits of migrating from MySQL 3 to MySQL 4. Sometimes, the best case is to see it done on the front lines of a real Web business. I recently had a chance to chat wi

  • MySQL Migrations and More.. 2004-09-29

    There are probably several ways to discuss migrating MySQL - however - the most rewarding was surely spending some time with Tyson Lowery. Lowery is the owner and administrator of, a fantasy baseball site. The site started as a hobby a

  • Taming MySQL Administration

    Taming MySQL Administration 2004-10-06

    Taming the management of your MySQL Server may have just become a little easier with the most recent release of Navicat. This GUI administration tool for MySQL servers has some advantages for the developer - for starters it runs on Linux, Macintosh a

  • Talking to MySQL: Your First Look at JDBC 2004-10-29

    To build the To-Do List application we will use to explore the myriad Java Web development technologies that are available, we'll begin with the backbone of the application: a set of classes that connect to a MySQL database to retrieve, model, and up


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