• The Perl Tutorial: What's Perl? 2001-03-15

    Perl is short for Practical Extraction and Report Language. It's a language that is available free over the Web, and it's used for a variety of things, from writing CGI scripts to assisting administrators in maintaining their systems. Perl was create

  • Three New Perl Books

    Three New Perl Books 2001-06-09

    Many new Web programmers will tell you that Perl is too bulky and complicated for the needs of today's Web programmers, and that it is on the way out, to be replaced by ASP, PHP, and other upstart scripting languages. Those in the know, however, will

  • Access your MySQL Database with Perl 2001-08-30

    One of the most common Perl-related questions at the SitePoint Forums is, "How do I access my database with Perl?" Perl can work with nearly every type of database on the market, but today I'll use MySQL as an example. For the purposes of this d

  • Embedding Perl Into Web Pages

    Embedding Perl Into Web Pages 2001-09-04

    This article is an excerpt from the book Professional Perl Development from WROX Press. See Kevin Yank's review here. The exponential growth of the web in recent years has led to a number of conflicting demands on a site's development team. On the on

  • Build a File Download Script in Perl 2003-06-21

    I have a Website that presents photographs for visitors to download. I used to simply have the files display in the browser window so that visitors could right-click and save them to their computers. However, 2 problems soon became apparent with this

  • Perl, PHP and Sour Grapes? 2004-02-18

    Search CPAN (Perls repository of re-usable modules) for "PHP" and you might be surprised by the results. For example PHP::Strings. What's interesting about this module is it partly implements PHP's string functions in Perl, or tells you where to

  • PHPXref - Perl helping PHP 2004-03-01

    Via the International PHP Magazine (Feb 2004, Print Edition) : PHPXref – a Perl utility for cross-referencing PHP source code and very handy indeed. Basically you point it at some directory containing PHP source code and it generates a set of static

  • Finding Installed Perl Modules 2004-09-02

    In working with numerous servers, some my own and many under client ownership, I bump into interesting issues to tackle (yep, this is obvious I know, we all do!). As most of us do now when stumped, a first resort is to Google the problem and see who

  • PHP Worms: Santy / Perl.PhpInclude - ModSecurity 2004-12-27

    Looks like someone's finally got nasty, in writing code which targets potential mistakes people often make with PHP. Although you may be on holiday, recommend giving these some thought at least and, if in doubt, do what Christian as done and take it

  • Higher Order Perl (and Javascript / Ruby) 2006-08-29

    Currently juggling about 15 bookmarks in a copy of Higher Order Perl by Mark Jason Dominus. Just a mini-review – for a more detailed review try here. From the inside cover- As a programmer, your bookshelf is probably overflowing with books that did n

  • Uploading Files Using CGI and Perl Article

    Uploading Files Using CGI and Perl Article 2008-03-14

    Would you like to give your visitors the ability to upload files to your site? Letting them upload content with their Web browsers can be very useful, and fun too! You can let them contribute pictures, sounds and other binary files to your site. And

  • Perl 5.10 logon/logout scripts 2009-05-22

    Given a mixed environment of Windows servers, Linux (RHEL5) servers, and XP clients, can anyone foresee benefits and/or problems attempting to use Perl 5.10 for logon/logout scripts? Thanks. Using *.cmd files will be much easier and faster for the si

    Tags: scripting, perl
  • Is there a way to automate perl script in call-back style on linux platform? 2009-05-28

    I have a perl script that does polling a file's existence in every 600 seconds before it goes on to finish its task. I am using crontab to schedule my script. I wonder is there an event system on linux that I could register my perl script so that sys

    Tags: cron
  • Broken upgrade of debian, causing perl issues 2009-06-05

    So I stuffed an upgrade of debian, both upgrade and dist-upgrade. I am more used to yum but thats no excuse. Now things are being silly. The majority of things work, however, my bugzilla install fails. On loading bugzilla I get a 500 error and this i

    Tags: perl, debian, apt, aptitude, bugzilla
  • Run perl script as a windows service 2009-06-07

    How do you run a perl script as a windows service? I have a script that gathers all sort of data and then relays them to a server, but I need to run this as a system service in order to report data all the time. --------------Solutions------------- Y

    Tags: windows, perl, service
  • how to handle the other language characters in Perl script? 2009-06-11

    My delicious-to-wp perl script works but gives for all "weird" characters even weirder output. So I tried $description = decode_utf8( $description ); but that doesnt make a difference. I would like e.g. "go live" to become "go liv

    Tags: perl, unicode, dbi
  • Lex Flex variant that will do the Perl REGEX extensions 2009-06-14

    I use flex & lex a lot for stripping stuff from e-mail attachments in scritps. I wondered if there are moden versions and variants of the lex programs that have the perl REGEX extensions. I know the boost libs support perl style but this is not quite

    Tags: regex, perl
  • Why does Tramp hang when sending Perl scripts to the remote host? 2009-07-14

    I know that this is not directly programming related, but I'm stumped, and since Emacs is my main programming tool... I am trying to set up Tramp to connect to my testing host. I'm invoking it either using /ssh:host:.bashrc or /scp:host:.bashrc but b

    Tags: emacs, remote access, tramp
  • Perl script running as root can't do root things 2009-07-20

    We are running RedHat Enterprise ES 5 on x86_64. We have a perl script which does, amongst other things: make a directory copy dot files into it chown the whole thing The target directory is an automounted directory, which actually comes off the same

    Tags: perl, redhat, root
  • Yum Update fails due to conflicting perl packages 2009-07-23

    Possible Duplicate: Yum Update fails due to conflicting perl packages I have a CentOS 5.2 i386 Production box with Qmail, LAMP etc now since it showed me that it could upgrade to 5.3, i downloaded all the packages using yum update However, the update

    Tags: yum, centos

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