• Review - PHP 4 Bible 2001-08-03

    Initially, I was very interested in the PHP 4 Bible. I'd heard that the book, which was co-authored by Tim Converse and Joyce Park, covered this particular topic nicely, unlike most other PHP books, which are typically written with PHP 3 in mind. How

  • PHP and XML: Parsing RSS 1.0 Article 2001-09-18

    XML is springing up all over the Internet as a means to create standard data formats for the exchange of information between systems, irrelevant of their platform or technology. As you may already know, XML allows you to define your own custom markup

  • Transform your PHP with XSLT

    Transform your PHP with XSLT 2001-11-07

    In Get XSL To Do Your Dirty Work, we looked at XSL Transformations (XSLT) and how an XSL processor can be integrated into a traditional Content Management System (CMS). We saw how an XSL processor can take a lot of the grunt work out of coding your a

  • UDP Portscanning in PHP 2001-11-19

    Portscanning serves a legitimate role in system administration/ownership. By confirming exactly what ports a computer accepts connections on, it's possible to ensure that an operating system hasn't opened unnecessary ports to the world at large as pa

  • Beginning Databases with PostgreSQL - Chapter 15: Accessing PostgreSQL from PHP

    Beginning Databases with PostgreSQL - Chapter 15: Accessing PostgreSQL from PHP 2001-11-21

    This article is an excerpt of the book, Beginning Databases with PostgreSQL (Wrox Press, 2001), and is reprinted here by permission. Recently, there has been a strong trend towards providing web-based interfaces to online databases. There are a numbe

  • When Browsers Suck: PHP to the Rescue! 2001-11-21

    In this short article, I'll demonstrate how to replace lengthy client-side JavaScript browser detection code with a server-side equivalent written in PHP. In the career of every Web designer, there are times when the differences between browsers make

  • Object Oriented PHP: Paging Result Sets

    Object Oriented PHP: Paging Result Sets 2002-01-30

    If as a PHP developer you find yourself writing the same code again and again, or dealing with an increasingly stifling array of custom functions and include files in your script, it's probably time you looked into Object Oriented Programming (OOP).

  • Advanced Email in PHP 2002-02-13

    This article was written in 2002 and remains one of our most popular posts. If you're keen to learn more about email and webmail, you may find this recent article on Email as a Service of great interest. I wish I could remember the very first email m

  • Build Cross-Platform Windowed Apps with PHP

    Build Cross-Platform Windowed Apps with PHP 2002-03-20

    One of the reasons why Java is so popular is because it can be used to build applications, Web pages, applets and beans that can run on several platforms including Windows, Linux and Solaris. Java runs a virtual machine called JVM, and code is compil

  • Creating a Credit Card Validation Class With PHP

    Creating a Credit Card Validation Class With PHP 2002-04-17

    Although online payment options such as PayPal have become extremely popular in the last couple of years, the majority of online stores still use some sort of merchant system to accept credit card payments from their Websites. Before you actually enc

  • Write Secure Scripts with PHP 4.2! 2002-05-08

    For the longest time, one of the biggest selling points of PHP as a server-side scripting language was that values submitted from a form were automatically created as global variables for you. As of PHP 4.1, the makers of PHP recommended an alternate

  • Interview - PHP's Creator, Rasmus Lerdorf 2002-05-22

    The membership of the SitePoint community forums recently got together and produced a bunch of questions for PHP's original creator, Rasmus Lerdorf. In reviewing his responses, I was pleased to discover that the man who originally put the PHP machine

  • Interview - PHP-GTK's Andrei Zmievski 2002-06-18

    Andrei Zmievski is a man of many talents. Although he is best known for his contributions to the PHP-GTK and Smarty Template Engine projects, his interests range as far afield as history and linguistics. The PHP community is lucky to have kept his at

  • Build your own Web Service with PHP and XML-RPC 2002-07-16

    One of the Internet's current hot topics is Web Services, introduced by Kevin Yank in his article Web Services Demystified. If you've been following industry news on the subject, you may think this is some high level technology, of interest only to b

  • All About Smarty - The PHP Template Engine 2002-07-24

    Smarty is a PHP template engine written by Monte Ohrt and Andrei Zmievski. Yet another template engine you say? The authors (and I too) would disagree. Smarty is different from the rest of the pack. What differentiates Smarty from other template engi

  • Run PHP-GTK and PHP-Apache on Win32 2002-08-09

    To set the scene: you have PHP running happily as an Apache module on your Windows development machine. Quite sensibly you only test PHP/Apache on Windows and always upload to some *NIX flavour for the hosting of your pages and applications. So far,

  • Dr Design - Javascript to PHP 2002-10-12

    The waiting room is full! Join the queue - and the Good Dr. Design will see you next time! But for now, he's rolling up his sleeves and lending a hand to today's patients- Dream Rollovers Hi! Can you tell me why all the rollovers that I make in Dream

  • Faking Dual Inheritance Classes in PHP

    Faking Dual Inheritance Classes in PHP 2002-10-15

    Object oriented coding in PHP can save a lot of time in your projects, but currently, PHP only allows classes to have a single parent. Unfortunately, many Internet classes are ripe for using dual inheritance - particularly if you want to have one cla

  • eZ publish: PHP's Killer App - Parts 1-3

    eZ publish: PHP's Killer App - Parts 1-3 2002-11-15

    If you've ever trawled the PHP listings over at Hotscripts in search of a content management system to save you from writing your own, you've probably run into eZ publish, a PHP-based CMS application, and thought "Wow!" Jubilant, you tried to in

  • Image Manipulation with PHP - The GD Libraries 2002-11-25

    The GD libraries are the principle PHP module used for image manipulation, and are available from Boutel.Com, Inc. If you are lucky enough to be hosted on (or indeed own) a server running GD2.0 or above, you'll have the ability to use truecolour imag


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