• Generating PHP with Ruby 2004-06-25

    Ran into an interesting article recently on PHP Web Site Generation using Ruby, over at (the site runs a PHP section here). The article makes a good starting point for exploring what works and what doesn't. Think PHP is underestima

  • Ruby on Rails 1.0 is out 2005-12-13

    Ruby on Rails 1.0 was just released, thus eliminating your last excuse ("It's not even a stable release!") for not trying the most buzzword-friendly Web development framework of the year. For those who have been living under a rock (or, I must a

  • Ruby on Rails: a look at the code 2005-12-15

    Ruby on Rails got its reputation based on how little code you have to write to get common Web development tasks done. But what about the code that you do have to write? Since yesterday's post announcing Ruby on Rails 1.0, a lot of people have chimed

  • Get On Track with Ruby on Rails

    Get On Track with Ruby on Rails 2006-03-22

    Ruby? Rails? Ajax? Is this cluster of confusing buzzwords swarming around your head like a mob of angry bees? Then fear not, gentle padawan - Jedi help is at hand! For I, too, was just like you once: confused, jumping at shadows, sinking into the dep

  • Higher Order Perl (and Javascript / Ruby) 2006-08-29

    Currently juggling about 15 bookmarks in a copy of Higher Order Perl by Mark Jason Dominus. Just a mini-review – for a more detailed review try here. From the inside cover- As a programmer, your bookshelf is probably overflowing with books that did n

  • Learn Ruby on Rails: the Ultimate Beginner's Tutorial 2007-01-07

    Object Oriented Programming in Ruby Let's build on the theory that we covered at the start of this chapter as we take a look at Ruby's implementation of OOP. As we already know, the structure of an application based on OOP principles is focused on in

  • News Wire: Ruby on Everything 2007-06-06

    JavaScript 1.8 Progress jQuery's John Resig summarizes enhancements to JavaScript that are now available in the nightly test builds of Firefox 3. Warning: this ain't your father's JavaScript! (tags: javascript firefox) Google Gears ORM In what was an

  • Debug Your Rails App With ruby-debug

    Debug Your Rails App With ruby-debug 2007-10-01

    At the start of this year, I published a book through SitePoint titled Build Your Own Ruby On Rails Web Applications. You'll forgive me if I'm a little biased, but it is, I believe, still the best beginner's Rails book out there, despite the fact tha

  • SitePoint's Ruby on Rails Book is now FREE

    SitePoint's Ruby on Rails Book is now FREE 2007-10-02

    I'm very happy to announce that for the next 60 days our book Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Applications is FREE* in PDF Format (a $29.95 USD value). That's right- Not an extract- Not a sample chapter- The ENTIRE 447 pages of Patrick Lenz's incredible

  • Ruby on Rails: The art of simplicity 2007-10-15

    Hi there, my name is Myles Eftos and I'm your new Ruby on Rails blogger! I've been hacking rails for almost two years now, building a number of online apps, such as my time tracking system: 88 Miles. I am constantly pushing for that Rails-zen state,

  • Other cool ruby projects 2008-03-28

    With all the noise that Rails makes, you would be forgiven for thinking that it is the be all and end all of the Ruby world – sure it has popularised the language, but there are lots of other cool projects using the Ruby. Here are a few: Merb Merb is

  • Is there a ruby portable to Windows? 2008-11-03

    I got myself a new 8 gig USB key and I'm looking for a decent solution to have a portable RoR environment to learn on. I did the google on it and found a few possibilities, but I'm curious to hear some real life experiences and opinions. Thanks! ----

    Tags: ruby, Ruby on Rails, usb drive, portable applications
  • Top Ruby Frameworks Rails and Merb Join Forces

    Top Ruby Frameworks Rails and Merb Join Forces 2008-12-24

    Apologies to any readers who develop on the LAMP stack, or who use ASP, CFM, Python, or anything other than Ruby - this post might not be of interest to you. But it's fairly rare for two essentially competing frameworks to merge and join forces. That

  • Is Ruby's Popularity Fading?

    Is Ruby's Popularity Fading? 2009-01-22

    Mostly due to the very hyped Ruby on Rails web application framework, Ruby has been talked about a lot over the past four years or so - perhaps disproportionately so to the amount of people actually using it. However, Ruby usage had also been growing

  • A definitive list of IDEs for Ruby on Rails 2009-05-05

    In no particular order: Aptana RadRails Textmate VIM (Rails Plugin) RubyMine EMACS + Rinari E-Texteditor Komodo RDT (Ruby Eclipse) Ruby in Steel (Visual Studio plugin) Please add more and I will update periodically. --------------Solutions-----------

    Tags: Ruby on Rails, ide
  • Adding a directory to $LOAD_PATH (Ruby) 2009-05-07

    I have seen two commonly used techniques for adding the directory of the file currently being executed to the $LOAD_PATH (or $:). I see the advantages of doing this in case you're not working with a gem. One seems more verbose than the other, obvious

    Tags: ruby, rubygems, load path
  • Running Ruby on Rails App on Apache + Passenger == to much memory 2009-05-30

    I'm running redmine (a RoR app) on my server using passenger / Apache 2.2. Passenger and ruby are using way too much memory. Is there a more memory effective way to run redmine/ruby? I only need to support a half dozen redmine users. I want to contin

    Tags: ruby, Ruby on Rails, vps, redmine, phusion passenger
  • I upgraded to leopard and everything works fine except for ruby and rails 2009-06-26

    I just upgraded my Mac OS X to 10.5. Everything works great after a little Apache love, except for ruby and rails. This is what I am seeing Macintosh:~ TAmoyal$ ruby test.rb -bash: /usr/local/bin/ruby: cannot execute binary file Macintosh:bin TAmoyal

    Tags: ruby, mac osx, osx leopard
  • Ruby processes showing high cpu activity 2009-07-06

    I have three virtual linux servers running on Slicehost. Two of them are running 2.6.24-23-xen one is running 2.6.18-xen. All three servers are running almost identical software but the behaviour of top is different between the 2.6.24 and 2.6.18 serv

    Tags: linux, ruby, Ruby on Rails, slicehost
  • Is there a bash equivalent to "some content #{foo}" with ruby? 2009-07-07

    I'm used to being able to pass variables inside strings in ruby, like so "message in double quotes #{expression_or_variable_to_run}" What's the equivalent in bash, for really quick scripting? --------------Solutions------------- Is this what you

    Tags: bash, ruby

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