• Search Engine-Friendly URLs 2001-08-10

    On today's Internet, database driven or dynamic sites are very popular. Unfortunately the easiest way to pass information between your pages is with a query string. In case you don't know what a query string is, it's a string of information tacked on

  • Secrets to Site Search Success 2001-11-28

    Most of us use the search box on an ecommerce site to find the product or service we want - if we can find a search box, that is. When we do, most search attempts will yield either no results, or too many irrelevant results. Forrester reports that 93

  • Search Toolbar Roundup 2002-07-27

    The latest search engine to offer users a free search toolbar is Teoma. This free navigational tool lets you search Teoma's database from any Web page â€" it's a useful information resource at your fingertips. Several search engines offer similar uti

  • Search Engine Damage Control 2002-11-14

    Google and other search engines will boot anyone who uses spam tactics to get high rankings. Should marketers fear these threats? You'd better believe it. But what can be done as damage control if you suspect you've been penalized? If you believe you

  • Forget Ad Sales - Sell Search! 2003-03-11

    Pay-per-click search (PPC) engines are always looking for search traffic. PPC engines have thousands of satisfied advertisers demanding more search traffic, but there are only so many searchers out there. This being the case, any Webmaster who can ge

  • Inside Search Engine Strategies, 2003 2003-09-10

    Danny Sullivan's Search Engine Strategies rolled into San Jose this week, bringing an unprecedented 4 days of search engine marketing advice (SEM) and news to more than 1,700 attendees. If you still had reservations about the legitimacy of search eng

  • Search Engine Optimisation for Web Developers 2003-10-13

    These days, most Website owners head to a search engine optimisation company if they want to improve search engine traffic. However, all too often, the chance of search engine success is decided long before that. Search engine compatibility is becomi

  • Old Skool Search Engine Success, Step-By-Step 2003-12-06

    Free, targeted search engine traffic sounds too good to be true, right? Most people decide to pay for targeted traffic instead of putting in the time and learning the techniques to attract that traffic from the search engines for free. Not only that,

  • Search Engine Year in Review - 2003 2004-01-10

    It's been a big year in the Search Engine industry, but you don't need to be an SEO expert to understand the impact the year's developments will have on the average Website. The following is a brief overview of the year's search engine events, along

  • Firefox Search Plugin for Sitepoint 2004-06-04

    As it's Friday, a nice gimmick for Firefox users, inspired by Planet PHP's Search Plugin (itself inspired by the PEAR search plugin). First you need a little XML like; name="Sitepoint" description="Sitepoint Search" method="GET&qu

  • Get Seen The Easy Way: Simple, Practical Search Engine Promotion 2004-06-15

    Companies have paid me literally thousands of dollars to create the kind of end-to-end reporting tools that now exist with Google AdWords and Overture Conversion Tracking tools. You can leverage these tools for a $5 activation fee (Google) and a few

  • Latest Search Engine Spam Techniques 2004-08-09

    Search engine rankings are extremely competitive and Website owners are under pressure to do all they can to gain visibility in search results. Those pressures come from many quarters: there are branding restrictions, style guidelines, legal issues,

  • Secret Benefits of Accessibility Part 2: Better Search Ranking 2004-10-19

    One of the main benefits of Web accessibility is that a Website that's more accessible to people is also usually more accessible to search engines. The more accessible your site is to search engines, the more confidently they can guess what the site'

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  • Secret Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation: Increased Usability 2004-11-15

    A higher search ranking is the dream of many Website owners. What they don't realise is that, if done correctly, the optimisation of their site for the search engines can also see it optimised for site visitors. Ultimately, this means more people wil

  • Win Back Top Listing! Protect Your Business Identity in the Search Engines 2004-11-29

    Companies go to great lengths to establish their corporate identities through marketing, advertisements, promotions, search engine positioning, and other means. And, as with any success, it may well happen that criticism follows. In the process of do

  • Search Terms, Competition, and Keyword Metrics 2005-02-19

    Search engine marketing can be a very complicated business, folks. You can oversimplify it all you like- or you can make it a lot more complex than it needs to be. Either way, it all begins with search term strategy. When I think of search term strat

  • Search Term Tools - Measuring Popularity 2005-03-11

    One of the first and most obvious types of data we want a search term is just how popular it is with searchers. This is important for all search engine marketers, whether they are working on SEO or PPC campaigns. Unfortunately, when it comes to keywo

  • The Search Engine Marketing Kit - Chapter 1

    The Search Engine Marketing Kit - Chapter 1 2005-04-06

    Every day, millions of people turn to their computers and look for information on the Web. And, more often than not, they use a search engine to find that information. It's estimated that more than 350 million English language Web searches are conduc

  • SitePoint Releases Search Engine Marketing Kit 2005-04-07

    Last spring, I was contacted by SitePoint about the possibility of writing a new book on SEO, similar to their existing Web Design Business Kit. I submitted a proposal, and was extremely pleased to be chosen by SitePoint as the author. Subsequent dis

  • Consumer Reports' WebWatch Conference on Search Advertising 2005-04-21

    U.S. readers will probably recognize "Consumer Reports" more than folks in other countries, but over here they've got quite a reputation for unbiased reporting and product testing as well as consumer advocacy. On June 9, I will be speaking at a


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