• Dynamic Site SEO Tips and Hints 2002-11-28

    Dynamic sites require highly specialized search engine marketing strategies that differ from those used for static sites. It's still hard to get dynamic sites indexed unless they're properly optimized. While search engines say they now index dynamic

  • SEO Showdown: Real Results vs. the Straw Man 2005-02-17

    I am a little bit chapped today. Chapped, as in something has "chapped my hide," cheesed me off, and generally irritated me. Okay, maybe a couple things. (There is a point to this, and a payoff for reading it, I promise!) The first thing that ir

  • Google SEO Algorithm Problems 2006-05-24

    Have you noticed anything different with Google lately? We webmasters certainly have, and if recent talk on SEO forums is an indicator, we're very frustrated! Over the last two years, Google has introduced a series of algorithm and filter changes tha

  • The Ultimate SEO Checklist 2006-07-26

    Optimizing your web site for search engines should be an integral part of your web site project, from the very beginning to the very end. Search engine optimization (SEO) should be considered, and if possible, implemented, throughout the planning, de

  • Avoiding the 5 Most Common SEO Mistakes

    Avoiding the 5 Most Common SEO Mistakes 2006-11-22

    If you've ever visited SitePoint's Web Site Review forums, you've probably read some of the SEO reviews that are posted there, a few of which I've written. You'll notice that many of the comments in these reviews of search engine-optimized sites are

  • For the Best SEO, Google Says Think Text 2008-08-16

    Even though a recent Google gadget has provided us a potential glimpse at Google's future video indexing technology, and even though both Google and Yahoo! are working with Adobe to get better at indexing the textual content within Flash movie files,

  • Twitter's Little Known SEO Value

    Twitter's Little Known SEO Value 2009-01-15

    Mihaela Lica joins the SitePoint blogging team, relaying her SEO tips, tricks and expertise. For too many, SEO is synonymous with ranking on the first SERP page in Google. For too many, optimizing a site for Google means getting links, many links, no

  • The SEO Tool that Could Make SEO Software Unnecessary

    The SEO Tool that Could Make SEO Software Unnecessary 2009-01-30

    SEO legend Aaron Wall's new SEO Toolbar could replace expensive software for many web developers. Well, not for seasoned SEO professionals, no! But for the DIY webmaster unable to afford professional SEO, or the webmaster who does employ an SEO and s

  • Automated SEO – A Possible Future According to Yahoo!

    Automated SEO – A Possible Future According to Yahoo! 2009-02-10

    Not long ago SEOs were regarded as snake oil salesmen who manipulate the search engines. There are folks who really believe that search engines hate SEOs, but I guess this belief will change as soon as they learn that all search engines have or encou

  • Mobile SEO Myths Exposed

    Mobile SEO Myths Exposed 2009-02-17

    2008 was a year abounding in articles about mobile SEO and mobile sites. The buzz dropped down in the second half of the year; however the number of "mobile SEO" and "mobile site" inquiries is constantly rising – at least in my experie

  • Improve SEO with Google's New Canonical Element

    Improve SEO with Google's New Canonical Element 2009-02-18

    Avoid duplicate content. Every good Search Engine Optimization expert will tell you that original content is the best way to succeed in your attempt to climb the slippery search engine slope. Copying content from elsewhere or syndicating the the same

  • Will Bing Change SEO?

    Will Bing Change SEO? 2009-06-20

    One thing we know for sure: Bing is not Google, but rather an attempt to create the world's first "decision engine" described by many SE analysts as an "information portal." Bing uses different indexing algorithms and a redesigned SERP

  • SEO: What's Hot and What's Not

    SEO: What's Hot and What's Not 2009-06-26

    Many old SEO strategies have become obsolete, for example ranking for keywords that no one ever searches for – you know, those "ego boosters" that show your site on the first page of Google. Submitting your site to thousands of web directories t

  • On-page SEO - The Google Way

    On-page SEO - The Google Way 2009-07-08

    We have discussed on many occasions the fact that Google does care for SEO and that optimized sites rank better in its search results. If you are still in doubt, there is one undeniable and indisputable proof: Google's Search Engine Optimization Star

  • SEO Fishing with an Empty Hook

    SEO Fishing with an Empty Hook 2009-07-18

    Link baiting is a relatively new term in the SEO industry, coined for the first time by Aaron Wall in his SEO Book Nick Wilson (update: who personally confirmed in a LinkedIn message exchange that he coined the term in 2004, I asked Nick after my SU

  • Top SEO Books for the SEO Newbie

    Top SEO Books for the SEO Newbie 2009-07-31

    Two weeks ago, a commenter asked me whether I had some SEO book recommendations for newbies. Sure I do, and I would like to start this list with a book you can find right here, at SitePoint: Online Marketing Inside Out by Brandon Eley & Shayne Tilley

  • SEO - Multiple URL Paths 2009-09-08

    I have a web application that provides information related to the weather. I am trying to make this information as discoverable as possible. My question is, is it a good idea to post the same content, multiple times, under different URL paths? For in

    Tags: seo
  • IIS 6 - Setting up 301 redirect for non-www to www for SEO 2009-09-18

    Someone in the marketing department ran an SEO tool against our public website and found that about half of the links to our website go to, and half go to Both of these go to the same IIS 6.0 web server. However, this

    Tags: iis, seo, 301 redirect
  • How bad is it for SEO to create a subdomain for a Rails App instead of integrating both with Apache? 2009-10-22

    We are currently integrating a blog to our Rails application. I though that we should opt for a subdomain instead of having Rails and Wordpress coexist on the same domain. They do not allow to do this because it is bad for SEO. Is that correct? -----

    Tags: Ruby on Rails, apache 2.2, wordpress
  • SEO for Multilingual Marketing

    SEO for Multilingual Marketing 2009-12-15

    English may be the so-called lingua franca of the World Wide Web, but consider this: three-quarters of the world's population speaks no English whatsoever. Online, over 460 million internet users communicate in English. Yet there are over 1.5 billion


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