• Domain Migration to a Unix Server 2001-09-24

    To switch Web providers or install a new server entails the migration of all your domain's Web pages and other files. While we won't cover implementation and configuration of a virtual domain here, we will focus on how to transfer the files from your

  • Retrieving Data as XML from SQL Server Article

    Retrieving Data as XML from SQL Server Article 2001-10-01

    All the hype that once surrounded XML is finally starting to die down, and developers are really beginning to harness the power and flexibility of the language. XML is a data descriptive language that uses a set of user-defined tags to describe data

  • Which Server-Side Language Is Right For You? 2001-10-09

    The market for server-side Web development solutions is a crowded one, these days! Perl, ASP, PHP, JSP, Cold Fusion and many more specialized choices abound. How is a newcomer supposed to know what to learn and what to use? Choosing a platform with w

  • Top 3 Reference Sites For Your Favorite Server-Side Language

    Top 3 Reference Sites For Your Favorite Server-Side Language 2001-10-12

    When you work with a server-side language, it's invaluable to have a good source of recent information about the platform. Though SitePoint features great tutorials and an active and knowledgable forum community, we can't provide the same focus that

  • Top 3 Reference Books For Your Favorite Server-Side Language

    Top 3 Reference Books For Your Favorite Server-Side Language 2001-10-12

    Your local bookstore contains a vast warehouse of knowledge, but the most comprehensive and up-to-date volumes generally come at a steep price. There's nothing worse than pulling your hair out trying to find the information you need in a substandard

  • Your First SQL Server 2000 Database

    Your First SQL Server 2000 Database 2002-04-10

    Try surfing around the Internet and find a popular site that doesn't use some sort of database to store its content. I bet you'll have a tough time finding just one popular site (i.e. receiving over 5,000 unique visitors a day) that doesn't use some

  • Checking UNIX Server Performance 2002-07-23

    Today, fast load times are crucial to the success of your Website. They improve the user experience, allowing your visitors to take full advantage of your site's functionality, and ultimately help you gain more traffic. But how can you achieve these

  • Read and Display Server-Side XML with JavaScript Article

    Read and Display Server-Side XML with JavaScript Article 2003-01-08

    XML is a very important base on which Web Services work, and, in conjunction with a number of client- and server-side languages, can be put to good effect. Let's see how we can use XML and client side JavaScript to display the contents of a XML file,

  • Secure Your Linux Server 2003-06-17

    The Linux Operating System is one of the most stable and diverse OS's around. It's also one of the most popular servers in the world, thanks to its stability, process handling and developer dedication. No matter what you're planning to do with Linux,

  • Stored Procedures on PHP and Microsoft SQL Server 2003-11-26

    Though it's not as common a combination as PHP and MySQL, PHP and Microsoft SQL Server can be a powerful team. You can query SQL Server databases easily and effectively using the PEAR database abstraction layer, just as you would a MySQL database. Bu

  • Publish Dynamic Data with SQL Server's Web Assistant Wizard

    Publish Dynamic Data with SQL Server's Web Assistant Wizard 2003-12-30

    As the Web and its development mature, more systems and applications release their own Web interfaces. If, for instance, you buy a wireless access point, it can be configured through a Web page. Or, consider Internet Information Server, which has its

  • Tune Your Linux Server 2004-04-04

    Tuning your Linux server can mean many things to many people. A portion of tuning is about security, insuring the configurations of the ftp, mail, ssh and web servers are properly setup to enable access and interaction with your server while tighteni

  • SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services SR-1 Out! 2004-06-22

    SQL Server 2000 Reporting Service Pack 1 is out today. Biggest improvements have made to the report rendering engines, but, here's an overview of the big changes in this release: # Excel rendering extension has been improved and now supports viewing

  • SQL Server 2005 Express is not Yukon Beta 2 2004-07-02

    Hope you've all been enjoying downloading and playing with the new Express range of Visual Studio.NET tools. One thing to note, however, is that the SQL Server 2005 Express product is NOT Yukon, with all the lovely features that brings. Instead, it's

  • Design PHP Apps with Excel Using Worksheet Server 2004-07-12

    From time to time, someone does something with PHP that is truly unique - something that goes far beyond the norm of PHP applications listed at Hotscripts and leaves you truly impressed by the capabilities of this language. One prime example is Jedox

  • Securing Your Apache 2 Server with SSL 2004-08-02

    Securing an Apache 2 Web server can be an intimidating prospect for those new to secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates. However, this need not be the case. SSL secures Web server to Web browser connections. Read on to better understand SSL certific

  • SQL Server 2005 Express via ODBC? 2004-09-10

    Need to run SQL Express within applications other than those supporting .NET? Well, I needed to get my database schema to Visio, yet none of the connectors would work. By default, Express doesn't talk via TCP or NP and its default listeners won't acc

  • Get More out of SQL Server's Web Assistant Wizard

    Get More out of SQL Server's Web Assistant Wizard 2004-09-16

    In my previous article, Publish Dynamic Data with SQL Server's Web Assistant, you learned that you don't need any HTML skills to share your database data on the Internet. The Wizard can take care of all the formatting and lead you through the creatio

  • W3C's Jigsaw Web Server 2004-09-24

    Unknown to many a web developer is an experimental but robust and evolving alternative web server form the W3 - Jigsaw. The project was started in 1996 and remains active and expanding with the release of version 2.2.4 this year. Jigsaw is a Java-bas

  • Test for Web Server Vulnerability 2004-10-14

    Nikto is a handy tool created by the folks at Cirt.Net for comprehensive scanning of your web servers' security. As described on the Cirt site: [indent]Nikto is an Open Source (GPL) web server scanner which performs comprehensive tests against web se


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