• What is the advantage of annotation over xml in spring? 2008-10-08

    In a few large projects i have been working on lately it seems to become increasingly important to choose one or the other (XML or Annotation). As projects grow, consistency is very important for maintainability. My question is, what do people prefer

    Tags: java, annotations, xml, spring
  • Error deploying Spring application to Jboss due to ClassCastException 2009-07-20

    When I try to deploy a spring application in Jboss, I get this error: 11:32:34,045 ERROR [AbstractKernelController] Error installing to Start: name=persistence.unit:unitName=#ehr-punit state=Create java.lang.RuntimeException: Specification violation

    Tags: deployment, jboss
  • What are Spring-loaded folders and applications? 2009-07-22

    In the Finder preferences there is a reference to 'Spring loaded folders and windows', and in the Secrets PrefPane there is an option for the Dock "Enable Spring load on all Dock Items" What is it exactly that these refer to? --------------Solut

    Tags: osx, finder
  • Is there a lighted buckling-spring (or similiar feel) keyboard? 2009-09-28

    I got a buckling-spring (IBM Model-M style) keyboard from Unicomp a while back and have found it to be a pretty solid keyboard. I recently put my MacbookPro on a laptop stand, so I've been using the external keyboard more. Now, the laptop has lighted

    Tags: keyboard, backlight
  • How to implement Logout feature using Spring Web Mvc 2009-11-18

    I am new to Spring Web MVC.. Can I get some example or online link that shows me how to implement logout feature using spring web mvc ? I don't want to use the in built feature of spring security (i.e. ACEGI).. Thanks in advance... --------------Solu

    Tags: java, spring, spring mvc
  • Web application with Hibernate, Spring and Oracle goes up to 99% of the CPU 2009-12-05

    We have an web application in Linux environment that the CPU sometimes goes up to 99%. Sometimes it takes days, and other times it takes minutes. We are using Hibernate with Spring in a tomcat webapp and an Oracle Database. Checking the logs it appea

    Tags: hibernate, tomcat
  • error while implementing spring transaction 2009-12-30

    I am new to springs. i want to implement JtaTransactionManager in my application instead of HibernateTransactionManager.But i am get following error when i write the following code in my xml. <bean id="transactionManager" class="org.spri

    Tags: spring, transactions
  • 34 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business

    34 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business 2010-04-05

    This time of year with the changing seasons is a great time to get re-invigorated and inspired, and it can be infectious. As you tackle your annual spring cleaning tasks, go beyond dusting the ceiling and pulling out the grill, and let the clean-up t

    Tags: small business
  • Spring eCleaning... in Autumn.

    Spring eCleaning... in Autumn. 2010-04-09

    Here in NZ the days are getting shorter and colder as autumn makes its presence felt. That might seem like a strange time to be spring cleaning, but sometimes the piles of dirt get a bit too big to sweep under the rug. There is something about this t

    Tags: community
  • Basic Authentication mechanism in spring 2010-11-01

    Simple question, I just need a pointer in the right direction: I have a simple Spring MVC/Spring Security webapp. Initially I set up Spring Security so that the default login page shows and authenticates properly (I implemented the UserDetailsService

    Tags: java, spring mvc, spring security
  • Building an electrically controlled spring based catapult 2010-12-21

    A spring based catapult is at rest vertically. It gets pulled back to a horizontal position to arm, which activates a self-ball loader. On firing, it springs forward and launches ball. The arming mechanism will be motor based but the issue I can't ge

    Tags: dc motor
  • Stateful beans and Stateless beans in Spring context 2010-12-22

    i am reading spring through its official documentation and at one place i came to a line that use prototype scope for for all statefull beans while singleton for stateless beans. i know there is something as statefull as well stateless beans in EJB b

    Tags: spring
  • Why not Spring framework? 2011-02-02

    This question already has an answer here: What does the Spring framework do? Should I use it? Why or why not? 7 answers Are there any disadvantages in tying my application to Spring framework? I'm not talking about bugs or issues like that, if any. I

    Tags: java, spring
  • Need help with undestand ModelAndView in java spring 2011-02-20

    have this basic function protected ModelAndView handleRequestInternal (http.. , http..) { return new ModelAndView("welcomePage","WelcomeMessage",message); } I know that this will return modelandView. I know that "welcomePage"

    Tags: java, spring mvc
  • How to debug Spring AOP 2011-02-28

    I have a problem with Spring AOP which doesn't ties an aspect to all the methods it should (in my opinion) (see this question for more about the root problem: Spring AOP ignores some methods of Hessian Service). How can I debug, what methods and inst

    Tags: java, spring, debugging, logging, aop
  • Free JSP/Spring MVC Web Hosting Site 2011-03-02

    Possible Duplicate: How to find web hosting that meets my requirements? I am thinking of hosting a small web application built using Spring MVC. Does anybody know any free web hosting sites that supports JDBC also? I haven't tried web hosting site so

    Tags: web hosting, jsp, looking for hosting
  • File manager with spring-loaded folders? 2011-05-10

    One thing I miss about Finder, Mac OS X's file manager, is the spring-loaded folder function where if you drag a file(s) over another folder long enough, the folder would open and you can "navigate" through folders while holding down the mouse b

    Tags: gui, drag and drop, file copy, file manager
  • Why is spring so good for Java middleware development? 2011-05-12

    I'm planning on doing some Java web development in my spare time to learn a new set of programming skills, and just want to survey opinion on why Spring is so good for middleware development? What are the key features and advantages of using this ove

    Tags: java, spring
  • Tomcat/Spring SSL configuration 2011-05-16

    I'm trying to configure my Spring application to use an SSL certificate I purchased from a CA. I followed the directions for the Tomcat 6.0 configuration and have imported the key into my Tomcat keystore and uncommented the SSL connector in the serve

    Tags: ssl, tomcat, springframework
  • PS2-USB keyboard solutions (spring return keyboard, UK layout) 2011-06-11

    I have several really nice big old clicky spring return Dell keyboards (these go back to the Pentium 2 era, if anyone's wondering how I managed to get "Dell keyboard" and "nice" into the same sentence). My main machine these days has a

    Tags: usb, keyboard, ps2, ps2 keyboard

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