• Learn symfony: a Beginner's Tutorial

    Learn symfony: a Beginner's Tutorial 2007-04-30

    With the release of symfony 1.0, it's time for those who haven't tried it yet to see what's inside this beautiful framework. Stable, fully documented, and released under the open-source MIT license, symfony is used by hundreds of web sites, including

  • Performance issue with Apache, PHP and Symfony 2009-09-21

    Updated: ================================================================ I finally found the reason with oprofile. It was because the routing cache of Symfony. We have lots of pages with different urls and symfony caches them in one file (serialized

    Tags: php, performance, optimization, load balancing, apache 2.2
  • 403 with Apache and Symfony on Ubuntu 10.04 2010-09-04

    I'm trying to run symfony on my apache installation (I'm using xampp for the whole package) and it keeps giving me a 403 error every time I try to access my website. I've got vhosts set up with the following: <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName localhost

    Tags: ubuntu, apache 2.2, http status code 403
  • PHP remote development workflow: git, symfony and hudson 2010-09-21

    I'm looking to develop a website and all the work will be done remotely (no local dev server). The reason for this is that my shared hosting company a2hosting has a specific configuration (symfony,mysql,git) that I don't want to spend time duplicatin

    Tags: php, git
  • github based php symfony deployment? 2010-11-02

    Does anyone know of a Heroku-like service for PHP (read: Symfony 1.4, PHP 5.3+) where I can use git(hub) to manage deployment? --------------Solutions------------- PHPFog Heroku has PHP support. Check this article on how to run php frameworks on hero

    Tags: php, git, deployment
  • Am I wrong to disagree with A Gentle Introduction to symfony's template best practices? 2011-01-07

    I am currently learning symfony and going through the book A Gentle Introduction to symfony and came across this section in "Chapter 4: The Basics of Page Creation" on creating templates (or views): "If you need to execute some PHP code in

    Tags: templates, web development, web framework
  • Symfony 1.4.8 not working in PHP 5.3.4? 2011-01-27

    I have installed PHP version 5.3.4, and working on Symfony 1.4.8 with Propel as ORM. But while installing Symfony project, it is giving me error. When i use the command to build database it giving me error, i.e when i use Propel command. Is propel, n

    Tags: php53
  • Configurating Apache for Symfony 2011-05-03

    My full path to the Symfony installation is: C:\xampp\htdocs\development\sfprojects\jobeet\lib\vendor\symfony, but when I proceed with the installation following the tutorial on symfony's page all my newly created directories are in C:\. I talk about

    Tags: php, apache 2.2
  • Pass yml translations to Symfony ChoiceType 2011-05-31

    I'm using a class form in Symfony2 Beta3 as follows: namespace Partners\FrontendBundle\Form; use Symfony\Component\Form\AbstractType; use Symfony\Component\Form\FormBuilder; class ConfigForm extends AbstractType { public function buildForm(FormBuilde

    Tags: forms, translation, internationalization, symfony2, choicefield
  • Relocate symfony config directory 2011-06-09

    I have a new symfony project. In order to satisfy Debian's FHS I want to put the project's config/ directory under /etc and create a symbolic link pointing from the normal config/ location to the directory in /etc. I have tried this but it does not w

    Tags: debian, configuration, symbolic link
  • apache2 virtual host for symfony multiple applications 2011-07-19

    I developed a symfony project with multiple applications and I'm trying to configure an adequate apache2 virtual host according the project structure, according the following requirements: The server name for all application should be the same Each a

    Tags: apache 2.2, virtualhost
  • What does Symfony Framework offer that Zend Framework does not? 2011-07-23

    I have professionally working with Zend Framework for about a year. No major complaints. With some modifications, it has done a good job. I'm beginning to work on a side project where I want to heavily rely on MongoDb and Doctrine. I thought it might

    Tags: php, zend framework, web framework, symfony
  • Can't get a symfony project to follow symbolic links to my resources 2011-08-22

    I have the resources shared with another project. The pictures of the products I will show are stored in a folder out of my new project for which I'm using symfony... In my symfony project, in the /web/images folder, I created a symbolic link to the

    Tags: php, apache 2.2
  • Symfony mssql_connect 2011-09-06

    I am facing a problem with mssql_connect. I am using symfony1.1. mssql_connect working properly in actions. But I am getting " Call to undefined function mssql_connect()" when i call mssql_connect from symfony task. Any one please help me to sol

    Tags: php
  • SQl, noSQL, and Doctrine with Symfony 2.0 2011-09-15

    I've had the idea of creating a webgame for a while now, and as it becomes more and more accurate i started playing around with Symfony 2.0. First question : it seems that it is recommanded to use Doctrine2 (ORM) to manipulate database with Symfony,

    Tags: php, sql, web, databases
  • Symfony on Godaddy windows hosting 2011-10-04

    I uploaded all symfony framework files to my godaddy windows shared hosting that supports php5 but I cannot access when I try to type the folder path? It shows a 401 authentication error but when I uploaded a normal php file it was working perfectly.

    Tags: windows, godaddy, shared hosting
  • Drupal is going Symfony. Would WordPress benefit from doing the same? 2011-10-30

    If WordPress would do the same, would it lose much in performance? --------------Solutions------------- Before trying to figure out if it would hurt performance (yes, it probably would), one should ask what the benefit of switching to Symfony would b

    Tags: php
  • Is there any automation tool for Symfony 2 framework in PHP 2011-11-15

    Is there any automation tool for Symfony 2 framework in PHP? If so, please suggest me some sites that help me study the tool. --------------Solutions------------- If you haven't already, I would suggest investigating the Symfony2 docs, specifically t

    Tags: php, automated testing
  • Symfony project on multiple servers 2011-11-16

    How can I use Symfony across multiple servers? I have a high-load project and I want to move parts of it(for example: image handlers, video handlers, registration) to other servers. --------------Solutions------------- First you can get your database

    Tags: php, mysql
  • Differences between symfony 2 and 1? 2012-04-07

    I'm starting symfony and interested in learning where symfony is coming from. In terms of it's architectural challenges. What are the architectural or philosophical differences between symfony 2 and 1? What changes make it so different from the other

    Tags: symfony

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