• Delete a blank line but don't add it to the vim register 2008-09-10

    Possible Duplicate: Any way to delete in vim without overwriting your last yank? Using vim I often want to replace a block of code with a block that I just yanked. But when I delete the block of code that is to be replaced, that block itself goes int

    Tags: vim
  • How to convert the ^M linebreak to 'normal' linebreak in a file opened in vim? 2009-05-01

    vim shows on every line ending ^M How I do to replace this with a 'normal' linebreak? --------------Solutions------------- Command :%s/<Ctrl-V><Ctrl-M>/\r/g Where <Ctrl-V><Ctrl-M> means type Ctrl+V then Ctrl+M. Explanation :%s subs

    Tags: vim, line breaks
  • What $TERM value can you use on a Nokia N810 so Vim's key mappings work properly? 2009-05-20

    I'm connected to a Nokia N810 Internet Tablet through ssh. The default $TERM value is 'xterm' which causes all sorts of key bindings messes in Vim. Specifically the arrow keys, and home/end keys print out characters or change the case when not in edi

    Tags: shell, vim, hardware, maemo
  • Vim features and extension that make your work easier 2009-05-31

    What Vim features and extension do you use? Which would you recommend for a Linux sysadmin? --------------Solutions------------- This probably isn't going to be the prevailing opinion, but I use vanilla vim. I don't use any special features (other th

    Tags: linux, vim
  • Unable to grep sourced Files in Vim 2009-06-03

    I have files which I source in my files. I want to search them, when I am at a file which have these sources. I run unsuccessfully !bufdo grep source and !bufdo grep source % Example of .zshrc which sourced PATHs I want to grep # ~/bin/shells/Zsh/des

    Tags: vim, grep
  • How do you use VIM to edit tabular data (tables)? Specifically, BIND (named) DNS db files 2009-06-15

    I'm usually a purist when it comes to vimming. I don't like remapping keys, or learning to rely on a bunch of plugins. I like to feel just as powerful on foreign boxen as I do on my own dev box. I do, however, believe in syntax files. Even though the

    Tags: vim, domain name system, bind
  • Configure vim for text selection with shift and copy/paste via ctrl+c, ctrl+v? 2009-06-18

    Many machines i need to work with have basic NIX installation with vim as text editor. But vim's way to select text is kind of unusual to me :). Is it any easy way to re-configure vim so it will use shift in order to select text and ctrl+c / ctrl+v f

    Tags: vim
  • Can vim execute buffer without addons? 2009-06-22

    If editing some script in vim, a file with .py or .sh extension, is it any build-in vim command that allows to run such file? I know it's a lot of IDE-like addons for VIM that allows to execute files vim edit, but is it possible without addons? -----

    Tags: vim
  • vim syntax files under windows vista+? 2009-06-24

    In *nix, vim syntax files are in ~/.vim/syntax/[language].vim But on windows dot is not a welcome folder name start, so it suppose to be _vim\syntax\[language].vim I have tried putting language files in such folder, but :set syntax=[language] does no

    Tags: windows vista, vim
  • Unable to highlight all comments in Vim

    Unable to highlight all comments in Vim 2009-07-02

    Problem: Vim does not highlight all my comments apparently because of folds Note the line 84 where the comment is not highlighted. I move my cursor up and down the same problem continues. I am not sure whether it is possible to have a complete syntax

    Tags: vim
  • Unable find the right encoding for a HTML -file in Vim

    Unable find the right encoding for a HTML -file in Vim 2009-07-04

    I see where all contents is in one line. It seems that this is the reason of bad encoding. I can see the characters ^M. How can you get the encoding right in Vim? --------------Solutions------------- Try: :set fileformats=unix,dos,mac Then reread you

    Tags: vim, html, encoding
  • Unable to have a Vim-like window-size-increase in Screen

    Unable to have a Vim-like window-size-increase in Screen 2009-07-04

    I see where I have two windows open in Screen's split. I would like to increase the zise of the window at the bottom by Ctrl-A [number] + similarly as you can do in Vim. I did not find a solution by Google. How can you increase the size of the window

    Tags: screen
  • Unable to find the right fileformat for Screen's logs in Vim

    Unable to find the right fileformat for Screen's logs in Vim 2009-07-04

    I see where I have ^M and ^[ at various places. The former seems to be enter, while the latter apparently the end/beginning of the line. I would like to get the purple symbols out such that I can read the log -file better. I run :set fileformats=unix

    Tags: vim, encoding
  • Windows Powershell Vim Keybindings 2009-07-07

    Is there a way to get vim keybindings in powershell as you would in bash or zsh with a command like set -o vi --------------Solutions------------- PowerShell is a runtime environment that can be hosted in things other than the default windows console

    Tags: windows, vim, powershell
  • How to convert all text to lowercase in vim 2009-07-09

    How do you convert all text in vim to lowercase? Is it even possible? --------------Solutions------------- If you really mean small caps, then no, that is not possible – just as it isn't possible to convert text to bold or italic in any text editor (

    Tags: vim
  • What Vim features do you use? 2009-07-15

    I spend almost all day programming in Vim and I am sure that a lot of you do too. What features do you use that make your day to day coding that much better? One that I use is gv, which will let you reselect the previously selected text. It is great

    Tags: vim, text editing
  • Delete space-expanded "tab" in Vim with one keystroke? 2009-07-16

    I edit Python code with Vim. With the tab key I get four spaces inserted for indentation. How can I delete those spaces with one "Backspace"(?) stroke - instead of four? There has to be some "set" option for that... Here is my .vimrc:

    Tags: vim
  • Unable to understand where why to need ASCII and HEX detections in Vim's statusline

    Unable to understand where why to need ASCII and HEX detections in Vim's statusline 2009-07-20

    One recommends me to use the following statusline However, I am not sure where I need to have the ASCII code and HEX code for each character. I know that ASCII is the character-encoding scheme, while HEX seems to be a 8-bit character-type. Where do y

    Tags: vim
  • Vim: How to handle Unicode files with text in multiple (more than two) languages? 2009-07-22

    What settings do I need to set in Vim/gVim to be able to view Unicode text files which have text in many languages? You may make these assumptions: The number of languages is more than two. Some of the languages are Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. It

    Tags: vim, unicode
  • To echo PWD in Vim's : -mode to the document 2009-07-24

    I would like to insert my current PATH effectively onto my document. I run unsuccesfully :echo $PWD and :pwd How can you insert your current PATH in the VIM -document on your your document? --------------Solutions------------- Like this: :r ! pwd You

    Tags: command line, vim

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