• XML - An Introduction 2001-03-15

    Today, we're deeply ensnared in the World Wide Web. Forests of techspeak, along with metaphors like "information superhighway", "global village" and "Infobahn" litter our conversations. Offline, you're off-life, standing stil

  • PHP and XML: Parsing RSS 1.0 Article 2001-09-18

    XML is springing up all over the Internet as a means to create standard data formats for the exchange of information between systems, irrelevant of their platform or technology. As you may already know, XML allows you to define your own custom markup

  • Retrieving Data as XML from SQL Server Article

    Retrieving Data as XML from SQL Server Article 2001-10-01

    All the hype that once surrounded XML is finally starting to die down, and developers are really beginning to harness the power and flexibility of the language. XML is a data descriptive language that uses a set of user-defined tags to describe data

  • Build your own Web Service with PHP and XML-RPC 2002-07-16

    One of the Internet's current hot topics is Web Services, introduced by Kevin Yank in his article Web Services Demystified. If you've been following industry news on the subject, you may think this is some high level technology, of interest only to b

  • XML DTDs Vs XML Schema 2002-11-26

    XML is a very handy format for storing and communicating your data between disparate systems in a platform-independent fashion. XML is more than just a format for computers - a guiding principle in its creation was that it should be Human Readable an

  • XML Namespaces Explained 2002-11-27

    Why do we need namespaces? There are really two fundamental needs for namespaces: To disambiguate between two elements that happen to share the same name To group elements relating to a common idea together OK, so these statements are a bit vague – l

  • Getting Started with XML Security 2002-11-28

    Executive Summary Meeting security requirements for privacy, confidentiality and integrity is essential in order to move business online. With the growing acceptance of XML technologies for documents and protocols, it is logical that security should

  • XML and Web Services for Microsoft Developers - Part 1

    XML and Web Services for Microsoft Developers - Part 1 2002-11-29

    Microsoft's Internet Explorer version 4.0 was the first Web browser to support XML. Since then XML support has been introduced in various Microsoft products, such as Office XP and SQL Server 2000. Microsoft re-assured its commitment by including exte

  • Read and Display Server-Side XML with JavaScript Article

    Read and Display Server-Side XML with JavaScript Article 2003-01-08

    XML is a very important base on which Web Services work, and, in conjunction with a number of client- and server-side languages, can be put to good effect. Let's see how we can use XML and client side JavaScript to display the contents of a XML file,

  • Store and Display Data Using ASP and XML/XSL

    Store and Display Data Using ASP and XML/XSL 2003-04-11

    Storing and displaying data is an essential task if you work with applications. Regardless of whether you work with desktop applications or Web applications, the save and display processes are nearly always required. In this article, I'll show how yo

  • Using XML Data Traversal 2003-04-21

    In this article, we'll take a look at an XML-based, client-side JavaScript that reads data from an external XML file, traverses the XML data, and displays it in a tree format. I'll use the XMLDOM ActiveX object built into Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Flash Script - Load XML Data into Flash 2003-04-28

    Here, I'll show you how to load xml data into Flash. Note that this tutorial assumes that you have a very good knowledge of xml. Download the sample files here. 1. Let's start by creating a xml document. Open notepad and insert: <?xml version="1.0

  • Using the XML Data Source Object

    Using the XML Data Source Object 2003-05-09

    The XML Data Source Object (DSO) is a Microsoft ActiveX control that's built into Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+. Using this object, it is possible to extract content from an external XML file, or XML data embedded in an HTML file, into an HTML page.

  • Build an XML-Based Content Management System with PHP 2003-07-09

    Like most developers, you've probably heard a great deal about XML and content management systems. It's likely, however, that you've only been exposed to theoretical discussions that haven't been grounded in practical knowledge. This step-by-step tut

  • XML and JavaScript in Mozilla

    XML and JavaScript in Mozilla 2004-01-07

    In my article, "Read and Display Server-Side XML with JavaScript", I discussed the manipulation of XML files using JavaScript in Microsoft Internet Explorer. In this article, I'll explain how to read and use XML file data using JavaScript in Moz

  • Practical XML: Form Validation 2004-04-29

    I like XML. I really do. Still, my eyes glaze over just as much as the next person's when I hear about how wonderful it is. Wonderful it may be, but as a Web developer, how does XML help me? I use XHTML on my site, yet that doesn't provide any advant

  • Instant XML with PHP and PEAR::XML_Serializer

    Instant XML with PHP and PEAR::XML_Serializer 2004-05-17

    These days, XML has become part of landscape in most all areas of software development - none more so than on the Web. Those using common XML applications, such as RSS and XML-RPC, will probably find public domain libraries geared specifically to hel

  • Processing XML with JavaScript 2004-07-16

    I came across a situation at work today where I needed to take an XML string from a textarea and perform DOM manipulations on it using JavaScript. After some digging around, I remembered an open source library called Sarissa I had checked out a few d

  • Vulnerability affects PHP XML-RPC library 2005-07-06

    Having just sent our upcoming book No Nonsense XML Web Development With PHP to print, I'm breathing a sigh of relief today as a widely-publicized security vulnerability has been found in a library we almost used in the book but didn't. PHP has a stan

  • A Really, Really, Really Good Introduction to XML

    A Really, Really, Really Good Introduction to XML 2005-08-24

    In this chapter, we'll cover the basics of XML – essentially, most of the information you'll need to know to get a handle on this exciting technology. After we're done exploring some terminology and examples, we'll jump right in and start working wit


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