• News Wire: Dojo, jQuery, and YUI forge ahead 2007-02-23

    RESTful Rails Development PDF Released A free 30 page PDF primer on building Rails applications using REST. The English is pretty patchy given it has been translated from German, but some of the examples are great. (thanks, mattymcg) (tags: rubyonrai

  • YUI 3: Lighter, Faster, Easier to Use 2009-06-19

    In August of 2008, the Yahoo User Interface team released the first preview release of YUI 3, a complete rewrite of YUI from the ground up (the first beta release of which is due out some time next week!). Why would they rewrite an already useful and

  • Build an Ajax Tree with YUI 2010-01-05

    jQuery may be the cool kid on the block when it comes to JavaScript libraries, but there are a number of serious contenders out there-not the least of which is Yahoo's YUI (Yahoo User Interface) library. It includes a full range of functionality: DOM

  • What's New in the YUI 3.2.0 Preview Release? 2010-07-27

    The Yahoo User Interface (YUI) dev team recently announced a developer preview of the upcoming 3.2.0 version of the YUI JavaScript and CSS library. While many developers (including myself) more often reach for jQuery when doing JavaScript development

    Tags: javascript
  • What the Death of YUI Can Teach Developers 2014-09-09

    The Yahoo User Interface (YUI) library has been abandoned. In a brief announcement made on August 29, 2014, Director of Engineering Julien Lecomte stated that all development would cease with immediate effect. What is YUI? yuilibrary.com describes th

    Tags: javascript
  • Anyone using 960 Grid System or YUI 2 Grids CSS 2012-04-13

    Anyone having experience with 960 Grid system and getting it to play nicely with SharePoint? I am intrested in experience from other CSS Framework and how successfull was your team in implementing this? --------------Solutions------------- I'm using

    Tags: css, branding
  • Warming up to Yahoo! UI 2006-05-19

    Kevin's written a couple or times on Yahoo!'s User Interface Library. With endless new DHTML and AJAX libraries and frameworks being released every week, you could be forgiven for being less-than-excited by yet another. But scanning the slides of Sim

  • Reducing HTTP Requests: An idea for a plugin 2006-05-30

    Cal Henderson from Flickr recently posted Serving Javascript Fast, where he talks about the approach they use at Flickr to reduce the number of HTTP requests per page and efficiently propagating new changes to assets. In Rails 1.1 we get the propagat

  • The JavaScript Library World Cup

    The JavaScript Library World Cup 2006-06-14

    Love them or loathe them, JavaScript libraries are making a huge impact in the area of DOM Scripting. As AJAX matures, and the complexity of the scripts required to support its expanding use increases, it becomes much less feasible to produce custom

  • Jul 11, 2006 News Wire 2006-07-12

    Memory Leak Patterns in Internet Explorer An interesting MSDN article about how memory leaks come about in IE and its JavaScript engine. (tags: ie javascript) JSON, Ajax, and UTF8 A nice summary of how to implement JSON data transfer from the client

  • Jul 20, 2006 News Wire 2006-07-21

    Browser Comparison: Firefox 2 Beta 1, Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3, and Opera 9.0–Review on ExtremeTe One of the first of what will be many comparative reviews of the new generation of browsers. (tags: firefox ie opera) Five common PHP design patterns

  • OSCON 2006: Gettting Rich with PHP5 2006-07-28

    This week, Kevin Yank is reporting from OSCON 2006 in Portland, OR. PHP's creator, Rasmus Lerdorf, gave a surprising talk on building PHP rich web applications using PHP5-suprising, because fully half the talk focused on low-level PHP optimization te

  • Aug 29, 2006 News Wire 2006-08-30

    Using Google as a Top 10 List – The Power of SEO A cute demonstration proving that search engine optimization is not dead. Unfortunately, all the attention has broken the demo, but for awhile at least this SEO pro was able to grab the top 5 search te

  • Oct 8, 2006 News Wire 2006-10-09

    Understanding HTML, XML and XHTML From the Safari crew, this is one of the most well-reasoned and pragmatic takes on the whole HTML vs XHTML debate I have yet seen. In short, Safari recommends you stick with HTML 4 for now, and the article notes that

  • Oct 11, 2006 News Wire 2006-10-12

    CSS3 Module: Paged Media The W3C has released a Last Call Working Draft of CSS3: Paged Media, which adds pagination, margins, size and orientation, headers and footers, widows and orphans, image orientation and page numbering. Comments welcome throug

  • News Wire: "Flash Killer" WPF/E Preview 2006-12-08

    Anatomy of a Drag and Drop An enlightening breakdown of just what makes a JavaScript-powered drag-and-drop effect work, and how the implementations of the major JavaScript libraries (script.aculo.us, YUI, and mootools) differ from one another. (tags:

  • News Wire: The Secret Origin of Ajax 2007-01-25

    Upcoming CSS3 support in Opera Just when I'd given up hope on CSS 3, Opera insider David Storey posts this run-down on the features that are up and running in their current internal build. It's mainly selectors at this stage, but support for CSS2's t

  • News Wire: PHP Group accused of security incompetence 2007-02-24

    PHP Group accused of security incompetence "PHP developer Stefan Esser has said he will go ahead with plans to disclose dozens of security flaws in PHP in March, hitting back at criticism that the "Month of PHP bugs" project is nothing more

  • Simply JavaScript: The Three Layers of the Web

    Simply JavaScript: The Three Layers of the Web 2007-06-27

    "Once upon a time, there was - 'A king!' my little readers will say right away. No, children, you are wrong. Once upon a time there was a piece of wood -" -The Adventures of Pinocchio You can do a lot without JavaScript. Using Hypertext Markup L

  • News Wire: A Blueprint for CSS Design 2007-08-17

    Slap in the Facebook: It's Time for Social Networks to Open Up Wired magazine puts out an open call to the web programming community to build a social networking service based on open standards like XFN. (tags: socialnetworks standards xml) XRAY :: f


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