Two different circuits not working on same power supply.?

I have designed a SIM900 circuit on a zero pcb board for testing purpose. It is working fine. In my application I need to make a call and then talk to the other person on call. So I have used PIC MCU to initiate a call whenever a person press the switch. The circuit is working as expected. SIM900 requires voltage between 3.3v-4.8v and PIC MCU works on 5V and my input voltage to the pcb is 12v so I have used a LM317 for SIM900 to give it 4v and have used LM7805 for PIC MCU to give 5v.

When on a call I need to listen to the other person so I have used this Two different circuits not working on same power supply.?

but the output audio was very low so I though of designing audio amplifier circuit using LM386. The circuit is also working fine and giving loud audio. As the input requirement of the LM386 is 5v and because I have designed it on another pcb so I have used the 5v from the LM7805. I connected everything and pressed the switch. Speakers were making call connecting sound and as soon as the call is connected, there was no sound. I tried again and again and checked the circuit but nothing was wrong. Then I used external 5v power supply and gave it to the LM386 circuit and now everything started working. There was clear and loud audio. But as I cannot use two different power supplies( 12v, 5v) I need the complete circuit on same 12v supply.

I don't know why its not working on 5v from LM7805 but its working on external power supply. Does anyone have any idea about it. Please help.

Here is the schematic of power circuit:

Two different circuits not working on same power supply.?

Below is the schematic of LM386:

Two different circuits not working on same power supply.?


The problem is resolved. Thanks to @Buck8pe . I removed the c4 capacitor and increased the power supply to 12v so now I am getting loud audio and both of my circuits are working fine with the same supply.

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