Two other lessons from the panel of top producers

Above link listed some of the top marketing tactics used by a panel of top IT producers at a recent convention I spoke at.

Here are two other lessons from that panel:

1. Each top producer spent a lot of time trying different marketing tactics, and then building on the tactics that worked best for them. There is no magic formula for success, except to perfect a system that works for your style and talents. Whereas one top professional found success cold calling, another found success networking. Yes, there were trends — especially in the preponderance of networkers. But everyone had their own system and encouraged the others in the audience to develop their own.

2. Each acknowledged that there was more they could do. Business is a sliding scale. Even the top producers admitted that they could invest more time and effort in marketing, and that there were many more marketing tactics to try. As Ross Perot says, enough is “a little more.”


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