Ubuntu 14.04-64bit with 1GB RAM

I have an old Acer Aspire 4920 bought in 2008 or so with 1GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo processor. I had windows 7 on it. I erased it for obvious reasons and installed Ubuntu 16.04, but later felt its slow and 16.04 recommends 2GB RAM. So I erased it and installed 14.04 64bit which recommends minimum 512MB. I thought it will be fast because my RAM is double the minimum requirement. Unfortunately, it is slow as well. Does anyone know why? Is the RAM too low or should I try 32bit version? Please help.


32-bit vs 64-bit isn't the issue. In my experience, regular Ubuntu w/ Unity just doesn't run well on anything less than 2GB of ram (even that is too little). Right now I'm using 14.04 with firefox, totem, and rhythmbox open, and according to System Monitor it's using 1.5GB. If all you have is 1GB to work with, I'd strongly suggest a lighter flavor like Lubuntu or Ubuntu MATE, especially with your older hardware.

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