Ubuntu 16.04 cups-pdf printed pdf-files not uploadable in Whatsapp

I freshly installed 16.04 and the cups-pdf printer 2.6.1-21.

Everything works fine, I can open the pdf in Ubuntu w/o problems in every program, e.g Master Pdf Editor 3, can send it as email att. and it opens fine in Android etc.

But as soon as i try to send it as attachment to a whatsapp-msg, the pdf is not accessible. In Whatsap-Web it can't be uploaded with the message:

"Impossibile inviare questo documento perché il formato non è supportato" (i.e. unsupported format)

I tried different options, even re-print as flattende pdf, but without luck. In 12.04 with the older cups-pdf version i never had this issue.

Any clues?


Category: 16.04 Time: 2016-07-31 Views: 2

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