Ubuntu 16.04 Hard disk power off retracts on suspend

This did not use to happen in Ubuntu 14.04, but happens in 16.04.
When I suspend the PC, the HDD in my PC retracts its head as if the power was suddenly cut off..
This happens with both WD Blue and Seagate Barracuda in my PC.
There is no raid. The WD 1TB Blue is multiple booted with Kubuntu, Windows, Fedora, Elementry, and so on, while the Barracuda s for storage.

Both drives power off retract on suspend.

My PC Configuration:
Intel core i5 6500,
ASUS H170 Pro Gaming: H170 Chipset,
Corsair VS 550, I dont know if it is relevant.
Also, I have updated Ubuntu. Please help!!!


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