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I am trying to download network drivers for my Marvell 88E8056: http://www.marvell.com/support/downloads/driverSearchResults.do

There are two versions of the driver:

Linux 2.6 Fedora Linux Kernal 2.4.20 and higher 

I have run the following command: uname -r

which returns:


Does that mean I have: Linux Kernal 2.4.20 and higher?


Check the first bit of the version, the one you need as minimum starts with 2 whereas the one you currently has starts with 4.

As 4 > 2, so yes you have kernel version higher than 2.4.20, obviously.

The first bit is the major version, if the first bits were the same you would need to look at the second bit, the minor version and so on.

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