Unable to run Javascript on Truffle [on hold]

Following is the code I am using:

public class test {

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {     // TODO Auto-generated method stub     String name = "input.js";     String dir = "/home/kontrol/Desktop/";     File file = new File(dir, name);     // assert name.endsWith(".js"); // : "Imagine 'c:\\sources\\Example.js' file";     PolyglotEngine vm = PolyglotEngine.newBuilder().build();      Source source = Source.newBuilder(file).build();      assert file.getName().equals(source.getName());     assert file.getPath().equals(source.getPath());     assert file.toURI().equals(source.getURI());     assert "text/x-javascript".equals(source.getMimeType());     System.out.println(source.getMimeType());     System.out.println(source.getName());     System.out.println(source.getPath());     System.out.println(source.getURI());      vm.eval(source);  } 

Following is the error I get:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException at com.oracle.truffle.js.engine.JavaScriptLanguage.createContext(JavaScriptLanguage.java:204) at com.oracle.truffle.js.engine.JavaScriptLanguage.createContext(JavaScriptLanguage.java:51) at com.oracle.truffle.api.TruffleLanguage$LangCtx.(TruffleLanguage.java:339) at com.oracle.truffle.api.TruffleLanguage$Env.(TruffleLanguage.java:391) at com.oracle.truffle.api.TruffleLanguage$LanguageImpl.attachEnv(TruffleLanguage.java:561) at com.oracle.truffle.api.vm.PolyglotEngine$Language.getEnv(PolyglotEngine.java:1180) at com.oracle.truffle.api.vm.PolyglotEngine$Language.getEnv(PolyglotEngine.java:1174) at com.oracle.truffle.api.vm.PolyglotEngine$Language.getImpl(PolyglotEngine.java:1154) at com.oracle.truffle.api.vm.PolyglotEngine.evalImpl(PolyglotEngine.java:563) at com.oracle.truffle.api.vm.PolyglotEngine.eval(PolyglotEngine.java:532) at com.oracle.truffle.api.vm.PolyglotEngine.eval(PolyglotEngine.java:469) at com.oracle.truffle.api.test.main(test.java:32)<--this is the vm.eval(source) line above

I can not figure out why Javascript's createContext is failing. I do not have its .java file and I have no pointers as to where to look for a solution.

I am running this on Ubuntu 16.04, Eclipse IDE.

Any hints


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