Unexpected ActionScript Behavior

I was working on a project the other day using the XMLConnector component to see how much time it would save me. It took about 60 seconds to pull the data from the schema, set up the bindings and get it pushing data to a custom list box…that was all fine. I then proceeded to get the application pushing and pulling data from a SQL 2000 database with no problems.

The problems arose when using the onLoad event handler after the LoadVars.sendAndLoad()operation to trigger a function to update the XMLConnector and get the refreshed content into a standard list box which had an XML data feed.

You’d think that XMLConnectorInstance.trigger(); would work first time round. In actual fact, it would never work as expected, and only seemed to reset the list box position strangely enough rather than the content. Weird behavior I thought, so I copied and pasted the line again to call the trigger and it all worked fine and the list box updated with new content.

Why does it take two method calls to instantiate the XML refresh? Not sure, but something I


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