Update returns true, but doesn't update fields

So I am trying to update a custom objects fields through the API, and it says that it is working, but the fields don't update. It's a simple text field I am trying to update. Here is my code:

$sObject = new sObject(); $sObject->Id = RECORD_SFID; $sObject->Lead_Source__c = 'Lead Source'; $sObject->Lead_Source_Detail__c = 'Lead Source Detail'; $sObject->type = 'Lead_Sources__c'; $res = $sf->update([$sObject], 'Lead_Sources__c'); 

This returns

stdClass Object (     [id] => RECORD_SFID     [success] => 1 ) 

But none of the fields are updated. I have an updated wsdl and the fields are writeable by the API. Any ideas on why this would be happening?


Figured it out. Malformed sObject. Fields should have been in an array.

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Tags: php api update wsdl

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