Use different ipv6 depending on destination

I have a very particular wish.

I am my own network admin at home, so I can trust it and tweak it. I have a /48 with simply two /64 linked together by a router.

So I would like to use stable ipv6 addresses when talking inside my network, say, slaac or dhcpv6. That way, I will also have the local DNS working, so I know which machine connect to what.

But all the same, I wish to use privacy addresses when surfing the web.

Is that possible to make that sort of thing ?

Thanks for the help.


On linux (you don't say what kind og Unix you have, but Linux is the only one I've tried privacy extension addresses on, and only in compination with slaac) you normally end up having both a random address (as a new is configured regularly, you might have more, if open connections exists using an old one) and whatever slaac gave you. Then you can probably just do something like:

ip -6 route add <local-v6-net> dev <interface> src <slaac-address>

<local-v6-net> should end with ::/64 (or 48). It should be valid syntax, but apart from ip accepting it, I haven't tested it.

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