Use information products to establish value, trust, and credibility

One easy way to set yourself apart is by creating a CD disk or audio recording that you give to clients and prospects, and that gives them valuable information about web design and development.

It is so easy these days to create these products, using free Wavpad software plus a decent PC microphone.

The key is to create valuable content. Don’t talk about your firm, but rather the key things your target market needs to know to succeed using the Web.

Keep your talk short, no more than 10 minutes.

And make some sort of offer for them to contact you to learn more or get started.

These types of products are easier to “sell” than your services. Give them for free to your prospects, and ask for their feedback. Offer them on your web site. Bring a few along to networking meetings.

Do this well, and people will view you as a thought leader, the go to professional in your field.


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