Use \num macro with \SI[parse-numbers=false]

It seems that when I apply the [parse-numbers=false] option to \SI, this also applies this option to the \num macro if it is in the number parameter of \SI. I realize that there is usually no need for this, but it is needed when the "number" portion of the \SI macro has other content in it, for instance a \frac (last example in MWE).

This is probably on purpose, but I feel that it should not be this way. I think of the \num macro separately from the \SI macro. In my opinion, an option should only apply to a macro that is given to.


Is there a way I can setup the \siunitx macros so that \num does not inherit the options applied to \SI?

Use \num macro with \SI[parse-numbers=false]


Possible workaround include

  • It seems that if I use \num[parse-numbers=true], then things work, but I would prefer not to have to do that.
  • Another option is to use $\frac{1}{\num{100000}}\,\si{\meter}$, but again I would prefer to use \SI[parse-numbers=false] macro for consistency instead of manual spacing.


\documentclass{article} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage{siunitx} \usepackage{xcolor}  \begin{document} \textbf{OK}  Outside of \verb|\SI|: \num{100000}  In a \verb|\frac|: $\frac{1}{\num{100000}}$  Inside of \verb|\SI| without \verb|\num|: \SI{100000}{\meter}   \medskip \textbf{Problem}  Inside of \verb|\SI[parse-numbers=false]| with \verb|\num|:  \SI[parse-numbers=false]{\color{red}\num{100000}}{\meter} $\SI[parse-numbers=false]{\color{red}\frac{1}{\num{100000}}}{\meter}$ \end{document} 


This quick-and-dirty solution redefines \num in terms of the original definition from siunitx.sty to always include parse-numbers=true. To override this, you can still pass parse-numbers=false to the new \num.



\RenewDocumentCommand \num { o m } {
    \bool_set_false:N \l__siunitx_font_set_bool
    \IfNoValueTF {#1} % <- changed
      { \keys_set:nn { siunitx } {parse-numbers=true} } % <- changed
      { \keys_set:nn { siunitx } {parse-numbers=true,#1} } % <- changed
    \__siunitx_number_output:n {#2}




Outside of \verb|\SI|: \num{100000}

In a \verb|\frac|: $\frac{1}{\num{100000}}$

Inside of \verb|\SI| without \verb|\num|: \SI{100000}{\meter} 


Inside of \verb|\SI[parse-numbers=false]| with \verb|\num|:


Use \num macro with \SI[parse-numbers=false]

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