Use SharePoint Designer to UpdateList from external source

My current environment is set up from a SP teamsite that I have current admin rights on. I want to have a SQL Server external DB update my SP list on my teamsite dynamically. My idea is that I am creating a WebApp GUI for people to update the SQL Server database from views that is the exact copy of the data in the SP list. When a user updates the data, my question is can I use SP designer to have the SP List on the teamsite to point to the SQL server external DB thats connected to the WebApp GUI, so that when the tables are updated the list is automatically updated. I believe Visual Studio could easily do that with creating a custom webpart, but my question is could Sharepoint designer 2007 accomplish this.

Let me know if I made my question clear enough.


I've done it the other way, SharePoint lists update an external SQL Server database with Nintex Workflow execute SQL actions. To do it the other way, SQL Server to Sharepoint, you'd want to look into using the Business Data Catalog, assuming you're using SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise.

I would create an external content type using SP Designer to connect to the SQL DB from SharePoint.

You can then update SQL using your WebApp GUI and the view in SharePoint would be automatically updated.

This is assuming that your data is held in a custom database, and not in your SharePoint content database.

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