User Mode Linux Day 1

Following from Day 0… I’m in!

The host I picked is Mythic Beasts. There’s a list of hosts offering UML here – not many I guess either because UML requires alot of knowhow, hasn’t been “channelized” the way LAMP+CPanel type hosts have or simply isn’t feasable econmically (like you can only run a few virtual hosts on a single box, resource-wise).

Mythic Beasts did it for me because (despite the name), reading the docs I sense some serious techies running it – otherwise no particular reason – not too worried about reliability etc. – this is more for messing around. So far answers to email have been very prompt and I could probably have had everything set up within a few hours (took longer because I was slow replying).

Here’s a very rough sketch of how it works, from a naive users point of view. Logging into the Management Console, I pick the disto I want then boot it. Up pops the virtual server and I log into “my world”.

User Mode Linux Day 1

Because the virtual server is running it’s own kernel, I have complete control… but also complete responsibility as I’m just discovering. Went with Fedora Core in the end – bottom line was “well here’s my server, already and exposed to the Net… hmm firewall? Configure firewall.?. etc”.

Basically it’s running the absolute minumum of services although most things are installed and configured to the distros defaults (e.g. Apache is there but not running). Seems there’s alot of tuning to do… And it’s going to be interesting to see what you can cram in, daemon-wise, in 64Mb RAM.

Will have to chat to the host some point and find out how they’re coping with UML.

Anyway – getting there and enjoying all this freedom at only


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